Spy on Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an extremely popular video messaging app which allows users to record and share videos and photos online. The videos and photos - called “Snaps” - can be modified with added text and drawings before they are shared with a designated list of recipients.

spy snapchat

What makes the Snapchat app unique is a feature that removes the “Snap” from the recipient’s device after a designated time period - currently the range is 1 to 10 seconds before the content disappears from view.

Reportedly, users now share more than 700 million videos and photos each day.

Why do I need a Snapchat spy feature?

The majority of Snapchat users are between the ages of 13 and 23. The app is a fun and easy way to share “selfies” and other content without it ending up “permanently” posted on the internet. This is one of the advantages to the app, but it also encourages users to post questionable or intimate content - such as nude photos - while seemingly avoiding the possibility that it will be posted on the web or shared with those whom it was not intended for.

The problem is that the shared content can be captured and preserved using screenshots, so in spite of the false sense of security provided by the seeming temporary nature of the “Snaps,” images can actually end up being shared with unauthorized recipients.

Although the majority of content shared on Snapchat is probably innocent enough, the app has been used widely for “sexting” - the sharing of sexually-oriented photos and videos. Sexting is disturbingly widespread among young people, leading many concerned parents to begin searching for a way to monitor their children’s activities on apps such as Snapchat.

The potential implications of sharing sexting content are serious. If a minor shares or receives nude photos, they can be charged with violations of child pornography laws. And since Snaps can be captured using screenshots, sexting content can be shared on a widespread basis or used by cyber bullies to intimidate their victims.

In response to the demand for a Snapchat hack, two of the leading spy app makers - mSpy and SpyStealth - are now offering features that allow parents a means to spy on Snapchat to make sure their kids aren’t sharing or viewing inappropriate content via the app.

Spy apps are probably the best way for a parent to monitor a child’s online activities, and a Snapchat spy hack feature is likely to prove a strong selling point for concerned parents shopping around for the right product.

A Snapchat spy feature may also be valuable for employers who wish to maintain productivity, making sure employees aren’t wasting company time while using such apps.

mspy spy appUsing mSpy to Spy on Snapchat

mSpy is one of the most respected mobile monitoring apps on the market and it now offers a Snapchat spy feature along with the other capabilities of its product.

The Snapchat spy feature is included with the purchase of the mSpy Premium plan and allows the user to monitor all Snapchat activity on the targeted device.

The feature captures and stores all content shared on the app, saving it for later viewing - even after the content has disappeared from the device.

The Spy on Snapchat feature also records all the related data, including the time and date the content was shared as well as the duration of videos.

spystealth spy appUsing SpyStealth to Spy on Snapchat

SpyStealth is another of the world’s leading spy apps, offering more features than any other similar product on the market.

The company now offers a Spy on Snapchat feature* with its Premium plan.

The feature lets the user view all Snapchat content along with time and date stamps, in much the same way that mSpy does.


As mentioned above, Snapchat is extremely popular among kids and because of the seemingly temporary nature of its shared content, it is probably the app most often used for sending inappropriate content. This means that it is one of the main apps parents should be able to monitor in their efforts to protect their children from bullying or becoming engaged in illegal behavior.

Modern parents are thrust into the dilemma of trying to find a balance between respecting a child’s privacy while at the same time making sure they are not engaging in dangerous online activities. Spy apps such as SpyStealth and mSpy give parents a powerful tool for discreetly keeping an eye on their kids while they spend time on their increasingly ubiquitous mobile devices.

Having the capability to monitor Snapchat activity is a powerful parenting tool which could prove to be invaluable in protecting a child. If you’re considering investing in a mobile monitoring app for your child’s smartphone, choosing one with a Snapchat hack feature is probably the wisest decision.