mSpy Software Overview for iPhone and Android. Discover mSpy for monitoring cell phones!

Try the new spy app everyone is talking about! mSpy is an effective, easy-to-use spy phone app program which offers efficiency and discretion at an affordable price. Do you have questions about your child? Are your employees trustworthy? With mSpy you can answer all these questions and gain valuable insight into the lives of people who are important to you. Gain knowledge and peace of mind with mSpy - the most powerful monitoring software on the market today.

How can a program designed to spy on a phone help me in my everyday life?

mSpy can help you to manage your business


Find out if your employees are sharing or copying confidential data, engaging in unproductive behavior while on the clock or doing the work incorrectly. Would you like to monitor your salesmen’s geographical position? mSpy can do all this and more.mSpy enables you to secure your business by monitoring the flow of data flow on the smartphones and tablets issued to your employees. mSpy prevents leakage of information and helps to control your workers’ activities while on the job. GPS location of the smartphone, controlling and monitoring emails, management and monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls are just a few of the capabilities that this spyware offers.

Using mSpy to protect your family and children


Are you struggling to effectively manage your household? Do you find it difficult or nearly impossible to keep up with your kids’ activities at home, at school or when they are away from the home? Does your child spend too much time gaming or chatting when he or she needs to be focused on schoolwork? Teens face many potential dangers online - cyberbullying, bad influences and the potential of becoming victims of Internet predators are among the threats teens are exposed to. mSpy gives you the ability to discreetly and effectively monitor your child’s behavior from a distance. Application blocking, GPS location and the monitoring of WhatsApp or Skype are all useful features in keeping track of your child’s activities - even when you aren’t there to watch over them directly.


How does the mSpy mobile phone app work?

This surveillance software is designed to be easy to use installed by anyone, even by those who possess few or no technical skills. The installation and operation of mSpy software is simple:

  1. Purchase mSpy online
  2. Install mSpy on the phone you want to track (the target phone) - it only takes a few minutes
  3. mSpy will run in full autonomy, recording every activity that occurs on the targeted phone,
  4. Log into your secured account at any time to see everything mSpy has recorded and stored - even in real time!


Once installed on the smartphone or tablet of the user you want to place under monitoring, mSpy will start to gather and compile all the information exchanged or stored in the phone. mSpy monitors, controls, reads and copies everything that happens on the device, including SMS texts, calls, emails, photos, videos, chats, and GPS location - all data is collected invisibly and discreetly.

Still not convinced? Expect more!

3 good reasons to download mSpy Software


Reason 1: mSpy can also be used as an anti-theft device

With the feature of GPS location of the phone's position, you’ll have a powerful anti-theft tool. mSpy can also be used to lock and secure the phone. If your phone is stolen, you can quickly and easily track its location. You can also control whether calls, SMS’s and emails can sent from the targeted phone.

Reason 2: mSpy spyware offers unique features

This software has several advantages and benefits - for instance, it’s available in several languages! Other assets of mSpy include its regular updates, the release of new features and its affordability - this is a program at the forefront of spy app technology which provides complete effectiveness at a very competitive price. And don’t forget - mSpy offers a 10 day money back guarantee!

Reason 3: mSpy is completely invisible

The most important feature of any spy software is invisibility. It allows you to spy on your employee or child under 18. This means you will be able to gain a complete and accurate picture of the activities of the person using the targeted device.

Is mSpy spy software compatible with the phone I want to spy on?

mSpy leads the field in compatibility - it works with most operating systems and current smartphones. It is compatible with iOS 5 and iPhone 6.X., as well as Android tablets, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian.However, you need make sure you verify your phone model and the phone OS (operating system) before purchasing and installing mSpy software into it.

What can mSpy do? What are its main features?

The list is a long one! mSpy offers a truly wide range of useful features and all are very simple to use. mSpy operates autonomously and all you need to do you is log into your secured account to view all the information collected by the app. Below you will find a brief overview of the main features of the spyware:

emailSpy and track emails

Mspy allows you to have access to the content of all sent or received emails with their corresponding dates and times. It also gives you the sender’s name if they are saved in the address book.

callsSpy on and track all calls

mSpy gives you all the relevant data regarding calls made or received on the target phone. You can also use the call blocking feature (block incoming calls).

smsSpy on and track all Sms

SMS messages contain a lot of useful information about a phone’s user - mSpy reads and records all incoming and outgoing SMS content as well as the date and time of sending or reception along with the name of the contact.

gpsSpy on and track the phone GPS position

With this feature you can see the current location of the phone on a map and check the route history.

webSpy on and track all web activities

Internet activities can contain many secrets and mSpy will reveal them! mSpy gives you information regarding all browsing history (all sites visited) and bookmarks. mSpy can also block designated websites (from access by children, for example).

featuresOther features

Spy on instant messenger content, block applications remotely, spy on calendars and tasks, spy on videos and photos stored - mSpy is a comprehensive spyware package!

arrowmSpy spy package options:

mSpy lets you choose the package that suits you best. mSpy offers three different package options:

packageBasic package : This package offers all of the basic features you need to monitor a child or employee. This package is available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

package2Premium package : This option offers a remarkable “features compared to price” ratio access to almost all the spy features but without certain product customisation features. This package is available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

package3Business package :The ultimate spy package! This option gives you the most advanced features available, with full online support by phone or mail as well as product customisation. This package is available for 6 or 12 months.

Don’t wait any longer! mSpy offers protection for your child, data security of your company and anti-theft for your Smartphone. mSpy is your ideal spy app tool - it’s the most effective and most useful spyware on the market!