mSpy's features

More than just a basic spy app, mSpy is also an anti-theft device, a keylogger, a remote control device and more…
Take a look at mSpy’s many powerful features and get an idea of how they can be used to turn a smartphone into an advanced spy tool. mSpy is the most advanced and complete spy software package available - call, text and chat monitoring, multimedia tracking, GPS location and much more - mSpy does it all! Completely undetectable, easy to install and operate, 100% guaranteed - mSpy is the spy software package everyone needs.

Spy on communications


mSpy collects all information relative to incoming or outgoing calls. It provides the dates and times of the calls and the number of the contact - even the name of the contact, if it was previously saved. With mSpy, you can also block incoming calls (a useful feature for controlling your kid’s smartphone, for example).


mSpy allows you to track and spy on all SMS messages, both sent and received. You’ll be able to read the the contents of messages and be notified of the dates and times of sending or receiving. You will also see the username of the contact.


mSpy allows you to spy on any email phone activity - other spyware packages only collect data from one mail service (for example only Gmail) but mSpy gives you the capability of spying on all emails, whether they come from Yahoo, MSN, Gmail or wherever. Spy on the contents of the email, the date and time, the sender or recipient. All email activity will be available for your viewing.

iconeInstant messengers

Secrets and juicy information. Chats typically contain a wealth of information - many things are revealed through instant messenger monitoring. mSpy offers you the ability to spy on instant messengers i.e. WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Viber and Facebook. No more secrets, no more doubts with mSpy.

Spy on target user behavior

presentationGPS location

As you may be aware, tablets and smartphones are equipped with an integrated GPS when you buy them - mSpy uses the built-in GPS of the phone to spy on the movements of the phone and target user. From your secured private mSpy online account, you’ll have an overview of all the target phone routes and geographical positions (on a map). This can be very useful to see where your child is, for example, or to monitor employee’s movements.

iconeWeb monitoring

mSpy reveals everything regarding the targeted user’s Internet activity. View all sites accessed and visited, and also what has been bookmarked and listed as favorites. This is ideal for monitoring children, for example, and to find out what sites they visit and whether they are behaving safely on the web - a place of potential virtual dangers.

iconeCalendar and address book

Who is registered on the phone? What appointments are being entered into the phone? With mSpy, you will learn all about these activities!  View all the contacts stored on the targeted user’s phone - see their names, phone numbers and employment status (if specified).

Spy on user preferences

mobile spyPhotos and videos

Do you wish to know what kind of pictures your kid has stored on his or her phone? mSpy offers you the opportunity to see everything! Spy on photos, spy on videos - mSpy spyware is the easy way to see all the multimedia activity stored on a smartphone or tablet. With mSpy, you will also be aware of the time and date the pictures or videos were taken.

iconeInstalled apps

Games, apps and programs which are installed can tell you a lot about the behavior of your child. mSpy offers the ability to spy on all applications which have been installed on the target phone. You can also remotely block applications of your choice without being detected.

Remotely take control of the phone

iconeLocking and scanning

In some situations, such as phone theft, you may need to block the phone and/or erase data. mSpy allows you to remotely wipe out all information contained in the phone. Be very careful when using this feature, because once activated it is irreversible! Only delete data from the phone in case of real emergency. Or, you can simply block access to the phone temporarily, without erasing any data. This function is used by parents who want to block the phone for a child.


View everything that is being typed on the telephone keypad. Spying on installed applications may not always be enough - mSpy gives you the opportunity to monitor login connection details typed on the keyboard, search engine research, keywords entered and other data. mSpy also gives you information regarding the state of the battery charge, the type of Internet connection used and the name of the phone provider.


Protected account

man1All information collected and recorded by mSpy spy software is transmitted directly to your customer mSpy online account. This personal account is called the Control Panel and is protected by your own unique password. All you need is an internet connection to have access to your control panel - from home, while traveling in the car or at work: - you control, spy, track and follow the phone remotely.

Complete satisfaction or a full refund

woman11mSpy offers premium customer service and support. Get help, advice or answers at any time by chat, email or phone - 24/7 - from the mSpy Customer Helpline. mSpy guarantees complete satisfaction or a full refund within 10 days of purchase.