mSpy special features

mSpy offers innovative features!

During the past few years, many new spyware applications have been introduced in the market. There are lots of brands offering quality products, each with its own set of features. mSpy is one of the main innovators in the world of spy phone apps and has some unique capabilities that no other company offers!

mSpy reinvents Spy Keylogger software!

1377729817_center_rOne of mSpy’s unique features is its Keylogger - this powerful function lets you view everything that has been typed on the keypad of a smartphone. This capability allows you to finally discover what kind of research has been done by the target user, which keywords or passwords are being typed, etc. A keylogger is actually a recorder which captures the keystrokes entered on the targeted phone. For example, if your kid has typed "porn" on a search engine - you will be immediately notified of this request with the keylogger feature offered by the Mpsy spy application!

mSpy spies on Facebook and Skype!

1377729749_mobileFew spy software packages offer you the capability to spy on social networks - however, mSpy does and it works on all of the popular social networks and instant messenger platforms! The global success and popularity of Facebook is obvious and almost everyone has an account there these days. mSpy allows you to spy on and track chats taking place on Facebook between your targeted user and his or her Facebook ”friends”. The same goes for Skype instant messenger - this feature allows you to have access to all the details of text conversations taking place on Skype (note: be sure to check the compatibility of this function with the operating system of the phone that you wish to monitor - make sure your target phone is an Android or an iPhone before choosing this special feature).

Spy on all emails with mSpy

1377729760_emailMany spyware apps will allow you to view and track emails of the target user, but often are limited to the phone’s built-in email function or one particular messaging service, such as Gmail. Once again, mSpy offers you more! mSpy allows you to spy on all emails - regardless of the mail service used (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). mSpy also tells you the date and time of the sending or receiving of emails, along with the name and contact information of the sender or receiver (if it is registered into address book).

Technology changes quickly and so does premium spyware - mSpy is constantly evolving and updating its innovative and effective spy phone software features !