Spy on chat

Spy on all popular instant messengers with mSpy

iconeOne of the most popular mSpy features - along with SMS tracking, call spying and email monitoring - is the ability of this spyware to track and remotely monitor all activities that occur on instant messenger and on social networks.
Chat and social networks such as Facebook have become almost like a parallel world.

This virtual universe allows us to have a second life on the internet, complete with friends, discussions and data exchange. Today it is common to have more than 200 friends and more than 100 contacts via instant messaging or social networks.

People share their secrets :

...their daily lives, their personal info and their true feelings online. For those who want a window into someone else’s life, the ability to spy on chat and discussions is very useful. With mSpy it’s easy to gain access to a multitude of secrets and private information!

The great success of these messengers and various chat platforms is their totally free access: - these virtual worlds offer discussion, calls, media sharing, SMS and other content exchange at no cost to the user.

This is why there are millions of people around the world who use instant messengers and social networks, and because of this, a feature that allows you to spy on these messengers is an essential component of a premium spy phone app such as mSpy.

mSpy: spy on all of the most-used instant messengers

When you choose mSpy and purchase the licence, you’ll have an extremely advanced high-tech spy software tool kit at your fingertips. Unlike many other competitors in the spy app market, mSpy offers the monitoring of all the most popular instant messengers, such as :

  • WhatsApp
  • iMessage (for iPhone)
  • Facebook
  • Viber
  • Skype

So, what are you waiting for? If you have decided to monitor the online activities or if you feel it is time to put your child's smartphone under your control, then mSpy is for you. There are few better ways than spying on chat platforms and messengers to learn what the target user is really up to. Secrets, photos, files, online discussions, list of registered contacts - you will learn much more than you would from just spying on emails or calls!

Here are the details of this high-performance feature:

Skype: Access to all Skype call history and chat content (note: spying on Skype with mSpy spyware is currently available only on iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad)

Facebook: Access to chat history made with other Facebook users ("friends" of your target user). All information collected is recorded and sent to your mSpy online account (note: spying on Facebook with mSpy spyware is currently only available with Android devices)

iMessage: Access to all iMessage discussions and exchanged data from your online account (note: spying on iMessage with mSpy spyware is currently only available on iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad)

WhatsApp: Track and read all content occurring on WhatsApp (one of the most downloaded instant messengers in the world). You’ll have access to all discussions on Whatsapp and online. (note: spying on WhatsApp with mSpy spyware is currently only available on iOS devices)

Viber: Access to all call history made via Viber and tracking of all conversations. You will discover everything - get all the juicy information! (note: spying on Viber with mSpy spyware is currently only available on Android devices)