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Choosing the Right GPS Tracker

GPS tracking capabilities and devices have become more sophisticated but easier to use and less expensive. The are a number of products on the market to choose from, from mobile tracker devices that can fit in your teen’s pocket or backpack (or even your pet’s collar), to apps that can discreetly turn a smartphone into GPS tracker and system capable of a monitoring a person’s whereabouts and online activities at all times.

The two basic product categories are:

  • smartphone and cell phone tracker apps, which can be secretly installed into a phone
  • mobile tracker devices which monitor location in real time and record various types of information


iconeSmartphone and Cell Phone Tracker Apps

Companies such as such as  and  offer mobile tracker apps which can be easily installed on a phone without the user’s knowledge.

These can be very useful tools in monitoring a teen’s location and activities, or even to find out if a partner is cheating.

These easy-to-use and easy-to-install apps allow the user to login to a secure private website with a dashboard that reveals all call information, internet activity and GPS location in real time.

The app records all text messages and all photo and video sharing activity along with phone call data.

Many parents have chosen this option for their children’s phones, and it’s up to the parent whether the child has knowledge of the installation. This technology provides a detailed report of everything that occurs on the target phone and can be a valuable means of making sure a child is safe and behaving properly.

usersThere are a number of ways this technology can be applied. For instance, keeping track of an employee’s activity on the job or monitoring an elderly family member.

ThiefAnother advantage these apps provide is the ability to locate your phone if it is lost or stolen. Given the price of an iPhone or an Android, this feature makes a spy app almost invaluable. Your smartphone contains a lot of personal information that needs to be protected. Being able to locate your phone through a GPS tracker can save you from a real personal catastrophe.

Mobile Tracker Devices

There are dozens of mobile GPS tracker devices now on the market, each with a different range of capabilities and features. They are based on the same GPS technology you use in your car, but are designed to keep track of a person or pet’s whereabouts. These devices have a number other uses as well - for instance, lost hikers can use the device to find their way back to camp. The devices interact with a software application which is easily installed onto a PC, laptop or phone. The devices and software function much as the above-described spy apps, and the better products available offer features such as long battery life and small size. These devices can be used to monitor how fast your teen is driving or to locate your lost pet. With all the potential threats a child can face, these devices are almost a must. They can - and do - save lives.[divider]

Which is Right For Me?

Mobile trackers and smartphone spy apps both offer powerful monitoring capabilities. If you already have smartphones you would like to install apps on, you may find a spy app to be the cheaper option. If you’d like to secretly monitor a person’s activity, a spy app is definitely the preferable option. If you’d like the capability of GPS tracker in a small device that your child can carry or your pet can wear, mobile trackers offer most of the same features as the apps. Whichever choice you make, you’ll be able to keep close track of the ones you care about.

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