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Company Protection

Running a business is not an easy task, but certain tools can  make your life easier!

Small, medium or large enterprises - it is often difficult to manage everything effectively, especially factors related to the "human" aspect. Finding the right person, recruiting the right technician - these are part of the everyday challenges, along with all the other details of running a successful business. Typically, the entrepreneur, business owner or manager does not have enough time to focus on all of the small (yet important) details, such as the online behavior and habits of individual employees...
A multiple functions tool designed especially for you..

As a business owner, would you be interested to know that there is a powerful tool that can help you manage the human element of your business?

mSpy - the monitoring app for smartphones and tablets - has become a significant and vital tool for companies and corporations. We'll show you why...

iconeManage Productivity

You’ve issued a smartphone to your employee? Or a tablet? These devices are typically issued to make life easier for your employees and to increase efficiency. But how can you be absolutely certain that productivity is not being negatively affected by non-work related online activities?

One employee out of four admits to checking personal mail at work, one in five admits to surfing the Internet while on company time, and one out of four admits visiting Facebook or other social networks during working hours.
Many employees also admit to the exchange of non-work related emails and text messages to others within the company.

With the standard mSpy functions that enable the monitoring of calls, emails, SMS and more, you will be able to effectively manage the performance of your employees.

Protect Your Data

Whatever your industry or your product - every business owner or entrepreneur possesses sensitive data that should never be seen by the competition. All of it should remain secret and confidential: campaigns, accounts, your pricing, your HR records, etc. How can you be sure that one or more of your employees is not intentionally, or even unintentionally, disclosing such data?

It is nearly impossible to control the flow of information unless you take steps to protect your company. By installing an application for remote monitoring such as mSpy, you can keep a close eye on the flow of data.  You’ll have access to features such as email monitoring, call details, GPS location, even a KeyLogger...

Starting today, you can have at your disposal a highly effective and powerful tool to fight the constantly increasing threat of industrial espionage, or any leakage of confidential data.

Anti-Theft Protection

You’ve likely spent a lot of money buying smartphones for your employees. Although this outlay will be amortized over time, and even though the purchase of these phones is essential, it could be potentially disastrous - as well as expensive -  if one of your employees loses his service smartphone, or if it is stolen. Employee phones often contain confidential company data aside from being costly investments to begin with.

For these two reasons, we further recommend the installation of a monitoring app such as mSpy, which can also be used as an anti-theft device. If the device is stolen or lost, you can use the GPS location function to recover it - you’ll also have the capability to remotely erase the data or lock the device.

mSpy is a tool at the forefront of technology. Considering factors such as the growth of industrial espionage and the potential loss of productivity from employees using social networks during working hours, acquiring a program like mSpy is as essential as providing software for accounting. mSpy is an invaluable tool, just like any other necessary for successful company management.

mSpy will help you protect your investment and sustain your productivity. 


Among the many helpful functions are:

Chat Monitoring

Skype, Viber, iMessage or WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber - the mSpy app will give you access to all activities and chat content occuring on these instant messengers.

Email Monitoring

Emails can contain a lot of important information - with mSpy you’ll be able to read and follow exchanged emails to find out if their contents are related to work...or not! Dates, times and email contacts are also provided by mSpy.

GPS Location

Sales calls and outside marketing:- follow the company car via the mSpy GPS locator and learn if the time is spent on work activities or not. Track the exact location of the target phone.

Monitor Performance and Internet Activity

Too many employees spend time "surfing" the Internet during working hours. Now you can control and monitor all employee  web activity - favorites and bookmarks included.

Monitor SMS

View contents of  text messages sent or received on the target phone along with contact info, time and date stamps.

Monitor Multimedia Activity

Find out if the company phone is being used to share private photos or personal videos.

Do not delay - choose the right solution now!

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