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Facebook Spy

Addicted to Facebook?

Are you a hopeless Facebook addict?

If you’re not, then you’re in the minority these days, it would seem. Even many of the people who profess to hate this enormously popular social networking site find using it, in one form or another, very difficult to avoid. Facebook has become not only the most widely used social networking platform in the world (with an astonishing membership roster of over 1 billion people), it has also become an increasingly important tool for businesses and other organizations who use it to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Since Facebook’s introduction in 2004 by its now infamous co-creator, Mark Zuckerberg, the network has become a pervasive presence in the lives of just about anyone who owns any type of computer, smartphone or other device capable of online communication.

Facebook is now the method of choice for keeping up with family, friends and colleagues, and for sharing photos, videos and other multimedia content with the world at large.


Too Much of a Good Thing?

As useful as this cleverly-designed and constantly-evolving network can be, there are those who question its overall beneficial impact. Recent revelations about information-gathering by the US government and others has raised serious questions about invasion of privacy and the use of personal information compiled by Facebook and other social networks. To some, Facebook is Big Brother personified, and there are disturbing similarities to the overarching network envisioned by George Orwell in his famous novel, 1984. The book foretells of a bleak dystopian future in which Big Brother (an interactive communication system not so different than Facebook or the Internet, in general) controls the lives of everyone within its reach.

Perhaps some of these fears are overstated, but the fact remains that Facebook and social networking as a whole has become a very pervasive presence in the lives of millions of people around the globe, and with the advent of new spinoffs, such as Facebook Messenger, the world’s communication and access to information is increasingly influenced by a handful of near-monopolies, including Facebook, Google and a few others.

Facebook Junkies

It’s not hard to find those who will freely admit to having an unhealthy addiction to Facebook, Facebook Messenger or other social networks and online chat applications. Many adults have little resistance to the allure of these technologies, and children who have grown up in a world where social media is a given are often the ones who use them the most.

This fact is of concern to many parents and for a variety of reasons. For one thing, there is the possible negative impact on a child’s development if they spend unhealthy amounts of time chatting away with their friends on Facebook Messenger, when they should be studying, or simply interacting with the offline world of actual people and things.

Millions of kids seem to prefer escaping to the online world rather than playing outdoors, reading books or engaging in other activities that make for a healthy and balanced upbringing. Another danger is the increased incidence of online bullying by peers and, even worse, the use of chat and texting apps by those who would prey upon innocent children, such as pedophiles and other sick and criminally-minded individuals.

Tools for Monitoring Children’s Online Habits

addictedtofacebook2, to keep track of their kids and their online activity.

These apps give parents a tool for ensuring that their children are not wasting too much time chatting online or engaging in dangerous behavior, such as talking to strangers or interacting with bad influences among their peers.

Apps like MSpy are easy to install and use, and are completely undetectable. In these modern times, parents need every means available to make sure their children are safe and secure, as well as maturing into well-balanced adults. Now, if we adults could also wean ourselves from our Facebook addictions...

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