FlexiSPY remote Jailbreak or Rooting and App installation

Flexispy Remote Jailbreak/Rooting of your Smartphone and Remote Installation of the Software

FlexiSPY is now offering a cool new service for those who would like some help with the jailbreaking/rooting of an iOS or Android smartphone, along with remote installation of the software.

jailbreakWhen you purchase FlexiSPY you can add the optional Installation Service upon checkout for an extra $39. A technician will be assigned to take care of the rooting/jailbreaking and installation of FlexiSPY on your device. It’s all done remotely - and at a time that’s convenient for you.

This is is a great option for those who don’t have the time or technical skills to deal with the necessary steps to get FlexiSPY installed and working on the targeted phone.

It makes the whole process less intimidating and time-consuming, especially for parents who may know very little about smartphones but who need to monitor their kids’ devices.

Here’s how it works:

After purchasing the Remote Installation service along with your FlexiSPY subscription, you may contact a technician via Live Chat. You’ll need the smartphone in hand upon which you want to install the software.

The technician will remotely jailbreak or root the device and will then install FlexiSPY while you wait. It’s quick and easy and you can relax, knowing the job is being done by a trained professional.

Once the rooting/jailbreaking and installation are taken care of, the technician will log on to your online account and help you get everything configured and working.

This really eliminates the hassle and guesswork while saving a lot of time, especially for customers who are not so tech-savvy. For many FlexiSPY purchasers, I’m sure this service will be worth the extra cost.

If the device can’t be jailbroken or rooted, your money will be refunded.