FlexiSPY: FaceTime Spy Cam Monitoring

FaceTime is an application developed by Apple Inc., which allows users to engage in video chat and make VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols) on supported iOS devices. With FaceTime, a user can video chat one on one (FaceTime does not support group conferencing) with another iOS user or make free VOIP phone calls.

FaceTime has been available since 2010, when Steve Jobs first announced its launch. It was available for free in beta form and is now available for purchase at the Mac App Store.

facetimespyFlexiSpy is the only spyware product that offers FaceTime spy cam monitoring. With this feature, it is possible to remotely and discreetly activate the camera and microphone on an iPad and take photos and make audio recordings of the device’s surroundings. When this feature is activated, you’ll have continuous audio monitoring of the environment, while the built-in camera takes and stores a picture every five seconds. This feature works on iPads, even ones that can’t receive calls.

This means you can see and hear exactly what is happening in the environment in which the targeted iPad is located - in real time. You can make a secret phone call from your special FaceTime account that activates the mic and camera, so that you can begin monitoring the device’s surroundings in real time without the device user’s knowledge.

Some other spyware products offer some limited monitoring features for iPads, but only FlexiSPY gives you these capabilities. Once again, FlexiSPY gives you highly useful capabilities you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Do I Need This Feature?

To really learn the whole truth about a person’s daily life and habits, you need more than just a record of their Internet activity. With the FaceTime Spy Cam feature, you’ll have a direct window into their world.

The FaceTime Spy Cam lets you see and hear exactly what is happening in the device’s environment, which can reveal very important information.

Is your child actually doing his or her homework? Are they where they are supposed to be? Imagine being able to view their surroundings at any time and in real time.

Is your employee actually doing his or her job or merely drinking coffee and chatting up colleagues? With the FlexiSPY FaceTime SPY CAM feature, you’ll be able to find out the real truth, once and for all.

How Does it Work?

Unlike some FlexiSPY features, which are automatically enabled when you install the software, FaceTime Spy Cam must be enabled from inside your secured private online account. Next, after entering the FaceTime Monitor ID, you’ll need to make a FaceTime call to the targeted device.

The call will be silently answered and then the camera and microphone will be automatically activated and begin taking pictures and sending the audio to your account where you can view and listen to the content.

To enable the feature, log in to your account, then click on the ‘Control Center’ tab. Next, click ‘Bugging Controls’ and then click ‘Enable FaceTime Spy Calls’. Set the ‘Current Status’ to ‘On’ and then click ‘Sync Now’. (Note: it may take up to one hour before the changes in your account are visible). For more detailed information on how to use this feature, go to the FlexiSPY website.