FlexiSPY: Monitoring VOIP Call Logs

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The term actually refers to a number of different technologies that allow users to send voice communications (in other words, phone calls) and multimedia content over the Internet. Other names for the same technology include Internet telephony, IP telephony and broadband phone service.

VOIPWithout delving too far into tech jargon, the main thing to understand is that there are numerous protocols which allow VOIP communication, and essentially they allow users to make free or very inexpensive phone calls using the Internet to convey the content instead of a normal phone network. The analog data is digitized, encoded and then sent over the Internet to the recipients computer or smartphone.

Skype was one of the first platforms to offer VOIP communication. Since then, many other platforms have emerged and the technology has evolved, becoming more sophisticated and powerful.

Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google’s Hangouts are examples of platforms that allow VOIP communication. Many other instant messenger services also offer VOIP capability to users. The ability to make free phone calls is one of the reasons that apps like WhatsApp and Skype are so popular.

FlexiSPY is able to collect and store the details of VOIP calls made on targeted iOS devices. With FlexiSPY you’ll be able to see the call logs and all the pertinent information about them, including time and date stamps and the names of contacts.

Why Do I Need This Feature?

Keeping track of your child or employee’s Internet activities includes seeing who they are communicating with via VOIP and when these calls are being made.

VOIP has become a standard method of communication and anyone wishing to have a complete picture of someone’s online habits will want this feature. With VOIP call log monitoring, combined with all the other features FlexiSPY offers, you’ll be able to learn exactly what is occurring in the daily life of your child or your employee’s work day.

Only FlexiSPY offers so many useful features - more than 150 of them - no other spy app even comes close. If you want to know the real truth about someone, FlexiSPY is the spyware package you need.

How Does it Work?

FlexiSPY VOIP monitoring is available for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. When you purchase and install FlexiSPY, the VOIP monitoring feature is automatically enabled.

To access the collected and store VOIP call log data, you must first log into your secured private FlexiSPY account. Then, highlight ‘Calls’ > ‘VOIP’. You will then be able to see a list of VOIP activity, including contact names, user IDs, time and date stamps, and duration of calls.

It’s simple and easy, and it’s another highly useful tool included when you purchase FlexiSPY.