FlexiSPY: Sending Fake SMS Messages

The ability to send fake SMS messages is one of FlexiSPY’s most powerful exclusive features. With this feature you’ll be able to compose and send an SMS to a third party from the targeted phone or tablet on which you have installed FlexiSPY.

This feature can be used in several ways, but it’s one that requires some planning to use effectively. Before sending a fake SMS, the FlexiSPY user should carefully consider his or her options.

smsWhen you send a fake SMS from the Dashboard of your private secured FlexiSPY account, it will appear to have come from the targeted device, just like any other SMS. It will never be traced back to you.

You can use this feature to send an SMS to any phone number, whether it’s in the phonebook or contact list of the targeted device or not.

Why Do I Need This Feature?

This feature is highly useful for extracting information from a third party. If the person you send the fake SMS trusts the user of the targeted device, you may be able to get them to reveal information that is useful to you.

This feature obviously has great potential for revealing information, but it should be used very carefully. You may only have one chance to use it, so you need to be sure to word the message in such a way that it produces the desired effect.

Another potential use for this feature would be to set up a meeting with a third party, especially if you would like to confront them in person. Once again, for obvious reasons, this needs careful consideration and planning. Timing may be the key to using this feature effectively.

For instance, you could ask the recipient of the fake SMS to reveal information about the relationship between themselves and the user of the targeted phone, such as: “When are we supposed to meet again? I have forgotten,” or “How long have we been seeing each other now? I lose track of time.”

If you suspect your child or employee of wrongdoing or of being engaged in questionable activities, this feature could be the best way to find out the truth.

How Does it Work?

This feature is available for Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and jailbroken iPhones. To use the feature, log into your secured private FlexiSPY account, click on the ‘Control Center’ tab and then click ‘Spoofing Controls’. Next, click ‘Send a Spoof SMS’ and enter the text and the number to which you want to send the fake SMS.

Then, click ‘Send Spoof SMS Now’. The phone you entered the number for will receive the fake SMS with a notification that it came from the targeted phone.

*Please note, we are only informing you of the feature, we do not encourage it's use for illegal purposes.