FlexiSPY: Setting Up Special Alerts

alertWith FlexiSPY you have the ability to set up alerts for several different functions. This capability is very useful, especially for those who don’t have the time to constantly monitor their FlexiSPY accounts to keep an eye on children or employees.

Here is a list of the different types of alerts available with FlexiSPY:

SIM Change Alert

This feature lets you know when the user of the targeted device changes SIM cards. This is a very crucial feature because it means that even if a SIM card is changed, you’ll still be able to continue monitoring the device with FlexiSPY.

Here’s how it works: when the user of the targeted phone changes SIM cards, you will automatically receive an SMS giving you the new SIM card’s phone number. All you have to do then is to update your address book with the new number.

Call Notifications

If you have installed FlexiSPY on an Android, iPhone, Symbian or BlackBerry phone, you can activate the Call Notification feature as part of the Call Interception function. This feature will send you an instant SMS anytime the targeted device makes or receives a call. This will allow you to use the Call Interception feature to listen in on live phone calls.

Here’s how it works: Log into your account, then click on Control Center > Live Call Controls > Enable Call Interception. The set ‘Current Status’ to ‘On’ and then click ‘Manage Watchlist’. Manage Watchlist is where you can designate the phone numbers you want to intercept.

You have the ability to set up a combination of three basic options:

● Intercept all unknown calls

● Intercept all calls in the targeted device’s address book

● Intercept all calls not in the targeted device’s address book

You can also select 10 numbers of your choice to add to the Watchlist.

(For further instructions and details on this feature, please visit the FlexiSPY website)

Alert Wizard

With the FlexiSPY Alert Wizard, you can set up other alerts, including:

● Caller ID - Set up alerts for specified numbers when they are dialed or when the device receives calls from them. This lets you focus on specific contacts without being bothered every time a call is made or received on the targeted phone.

● Keywords - This useful feature allows you to choose designated keywords, names or phrases so that you will be alerted when they are typed into the targeted device. This feature is very useful for parents or anyone who needs to monitor certain names or words being used by the person in possession of the targeted device.

● Location - This feature allows you to set up “geofencing” zones using the built-in GPS feature on the targeted device. You can easily designate ‘safe’ or ‘restricted’ zones on a map found on your FlexiSPY account. You’ll receive a notification whenever the device enters or leaves the designated geographical areas. This feature is very useful for parents and also employers who wish to monitor children or employee’s movements.