Spying on BlackBerry PIN Messages

What is a BlackBerry PIN Message?

All BlackBerry phones come with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number). This 8 character alpha-numeric code number is hardwired into BlackBerry phones and is unchangeable. The user of a BlackBerry device can use this PIN to send encrypted messages to other BlackBerry users. BlackBerry PIN messages are safer than emails because of the encryption, but with the spy phone app made by FlexiSPY it’s possible to read all PIN messages sent or received by any BlackBerry device that has FlexiSPY installed on it.

Why This Feature is Useful

Parents who are concerned about their children’s interactions with others will find this to be a very useful capability of FlexiSPY. Find out if your child is giving out their PIN to strangers or to people whom you would rather them not be communicating with. View the contents of the messages they send and receive to make sure they are not getting themselves into potentially dangerous situations.

If you’re an employer or manager who has issued BlackBerry devices to your employees, this feature will help you to make sure they are not using the phone to conduct personal business or to share sensitive company information with others.

With FlexiSPY you’ll be able to read any BlackBerry PIN messages between the target device and the other party - you’ll also be able to read the other person’s PIN number and see the time-stamp info associated with each message.

How Does it Work?

To see the BB PIN message info, you simply log onto your secured personal FlexiSPY account. The BlackBerry PIN messages, along with the time and date stamp, will be displayed on your Control Panel, where you can view them anytime you like. Spying on BB PIN messages is just one of the many useful features offered by FlexiSPY - if you purchase this product, you’ll have access to one of the most complete and comprehensive spy tools available on the market today.