Advances in Smartphone Security

iconfileHaving your smartphone stolen can be more than a costly inconvenience. If you haven’t adequately protected yourself by making sure your phone is secure, there can be disastrous consequences. One of the basic ways to make sure a thief can’t get at your personal information is to set up a simple four digit passcode, of course, but a surprising number of people don’t use them, mainly because it’s a hassle to enter a code every time you want to use the device.

In response, smartphone manufacturers have attempted to introduce various recognition features on their smartphones. Facial, voice and fingerprint recognition systems are being offered by some smartphone makers and the results, though still not bug-free, are a step in the right direction.

Facial Recognition

Android has attempted the solve the problem with a combination of facial recognition and pattern unlock . The phone’s camera is used to trigger a face unlock, but the technology can be fooled by a photo or even by someone who looks like you, such as a family member. The pattern unlock function requires the user to “draw” a pattern onto a grid displayed on the screen. These features aren’t foolproof and they don’t seem the ideal solution - at least not yet. Improvements in the system could theoretically make this approach a practical one.


Fingerprint Recognition

iPhone has upped the ante with its new fingerprint recognition feature, the ‘Touch ID scanner’, which allows the user to store up to five encrypted fingerprints on the phone. This feature is fast and easy to use and works very well. It’s not 100 percent foolproof, but it’s difficult to hack past this - the average thief would have a difficult time cracking it.

The convenience and relative security of the iPhone system makes it a winner over the Android system at present, but we can expect recognition systems to improve quickly among all the major smartphone makers.

Using Spy Phone Apps for Security Purposes

Some spy software can be used to remotely lock a smartphone in case of theft. Some of the better mobile monitoring software packages offer fairly sophisticated remote locking and access to settings. The GPS monitoring feature of most spy phone apps is also a very useful tool in recovering a stolen phone.

A spy phone software package, such as Highster Mobile, can help after the fact, but it’s still important to have that first level of security in place. Whether it’s a four digit code or one of the newer recognition features, make sure it’s activated and used. Don’t make it easy for a criminal to access your vital information.