Highster Mobile social networking logs

socialIf you want a complete and detailed picture of how your children or employees are spending their time, who they are communicating with and what is being shared, you need a window into their social networking activities. As social networks continue increasing in popularity, more and more time is being spent on them - in fact, for many people these days, social networking accounts for the majority of time spent online. And often, kids and employees end up spending far too much time on these platforms in general.

Highster Mobile gives you the ability to track and monitor all of the most popular social networking platforms in use. Chances are, your child or employee is using at least one of these on a regular basis. If you want a true picture of their online activities, you need access to the following social networks and Highster Mobile gives it to you.

Use Highster Mobile to access:


With more than one billion users, Facebook is the undisputed king of the social networks. It’s rare these days to find anyone who doesn’t regularly log in on a daily (if not hourly) basis. This platform is one of the main ways people keep in touch with friends and family, and an enormous amount of information, including text, photos and videos - both publicly posted and privately shared - is stored on Facebook.


This platform may not quite be as popular as Facebook, but with more than 800 million users, it has become serious competition, especially among young people. With WhatsApp, users can send texts, videos, photos, user location info and audio messages. Highster Mobile gives you access to all WhatsApp text, voice, and image content.


Since it was first introduced in 2010, this mobile photo and video sharing app (which also works as a social networking platform) has become enormously popular - to the point where Facebook paid $1 billion in 2012 to acquire the company. In fact, in 2013, Instagram increased its user base by 23%, while Facebook grew only 3%. Instagram now has more than 300 million users and with Highster Mobile, you’ll be able to track all Instagram activities on the targeted phone.


One of the original players in the social networking arena, Skype is still one of the biggest in the business. At any given time there are over 500 million users logged into Skype. In 2014, Skyp was able to boast having a 40% share of the entire international call market. With Highster Mobile, you’ll be able to track all Skype activities.


“BBM” is an acronym for BlackBerry Instant Messenger, and is an Internet-based PIN messenger service which allows text message and voice calls to be sent between BlackBerry, Android, Windows and iOS devices. With Blackberry 10, users can now make video calls. There are nearly 200 million BBM users worldwide and Highster Mobile gives you access to BBM activity.


This social network that allows users to send and read short 140-character messages, now has over 300 million users. With Highster Mobile, you’ll be able to access all Twitter messages.

Other Social Networks Highster Mobile Can Monitor

Aside from the above-listed social networking platforms, Highster Mobile also gives you the capability of accessing the content of these other popular apps and platforms:

●    weChat
●    LinkedIn
●    LineChat
●    iMessage

If you want the real truth regarding your child or employee’s online activities, you need Highster Mobile. Not only do you get access to social networking content, you get a lot of other useful features as well - at a really great price.