iPhones Still Gaining in Popularity

iphone 5Since the iPhone 5 was introduced one year ago,

the popularity of Apple smartphones has continued to grow. Figures just released from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRC) have shown that more users are moving from Android to Apple and that new buyers of smartphones are increasingly favoring Apple products over other brands.

The research, which was based on a sampling of 400 iPhone 5s and 5c buyers (not a huge sampling, granted), indicates that more than 20 percent of buyers are switching over from Android to Apple, over last year’s 16 percent. iPhone also sold more new phones at this year’s launch, which is attributed to the fact that more people are buying smartphones in general.

Another significant aspect to the results is the increase in new iPhone buyers who were already Apple smartphone users. This figure has increased from 55 percent to 65 percent compared to 2012. The research also indicates that more people are moving from Android to Apple than vice versa - the percentage of new Apple smartphone buyers switching from Android is 25 percent this year. Last year the figure was 18 percent.

arrowWhat’s also telling is the fact that the new buyers of iPhones tend to fall in the younger age ranges - this may indicate that iPhone will continue to grab a large share of the younger market, which in the long run should be more and more important, as the number of people without smartphones gradually diminishes. Smartphone popularity among young people has led many parents to invest in spy phone software packages, like Highster Mobile, to make sure their kids are not spending too much time on their phones and to monitor whom they talk to and what they share online.

However, projections by Ericsson point at a tripling of smartphone sales by 2019, so it would seem that there will still be a lot of sales to go around for the short term, and iPhone has not completely cornered the market - not yet, anyway.

New Innovations, New Features

Now, all eyes are on next year’s batch of iPhones, with the possibility of the curved screen feature everyone seems to be talking about. So far, the curved screen feature has not been confirmed, but if the rumors are true, the curved screen models, with larger displays of up to 5.5 inches.Another much-anticipated feature will be the pressure sensitivity capabilities of models in coming years (nothing has been confirmed for next year), which will have numerous potential applications, from scrolling enhancements to music-making.

Apple Marches On, Minus Steve Jobs

Despite the untimely demise of its leading innovator, Apple continues to make strides in coming up with products people want. As always, Apple devices tend to cost substantially more than those of the competition, but their sales are high and their customers continue to be loyal. Even decades after the first Apple products hit the marketplace, and despite some rough years, the company has remained true to its original principles and it has been a very successful formula in the long run.