Blocking Websites

Would you like to have control over which websites your child visits? Are you a business owner with employees who spend too much time watching YouTube videos? With mSpy, you’ll have complete control over which websites your teen or employee can access. Block the website URLs you don’t want the targeted user to visit or have control over when the site can be accessed.

Flexible Customized Settings

This exclusive feature allows you to block a site permanently, or for a shorter period of time. It also lets you designate times and days when the designated site can be visited. You’ll be able to change the settings for each site separately and at any time you wish.

Blocking WebsitesWhat makes this feature useful?

As a parent, you’re no doubt concerned with what kind of content your child is viewing and how much time he or she spends online. Using the mSpy Browsing History feature in combination with the Blocking Websites function, a parent can see what websites are visited and control the child’s activity - by either limiting time spent on a site or blocking it completely. If your teen has been accessing sites you don’t approve of, or is spending too much time on a particular gaming site, for instance, you now have a powerful means to monitor and control.

Employers may find the mSpy Website Blocking feature to be an essential tool for managing productivity on the job. Blocking or limiting access to YouTube and other entertainment content can add a significant boost to profits.

How does it work?

Once you’ve installed mSpy on the target phone and set up your secured personal account, you simply log into the mSpy dashboard and choose the “Block Websites” feature. There you can easily add new URLs and choose the type of blocking you want. You can block a site for a certain length of time (i.e. two weeks or a year), block a site entirely or create a window when the site can be accessed - it’s simple and only takes a few seconds.