Geo Fencing and its Potential Uses

arrow leftWhat is Geo-Fencing?

A geo-fence, in the broadest definition, is simply a virtually designated perimeter that corresponds to an actual geo-location or zone. Geo-fenced areas can be any size - such as the area around a home, school, neighborhood or an entire city or region. Geo-fences are linked with GPS systems to detect when a LBS (location-based service) equipped device or person carrying a LBS-equipped device leaves or enters a geo-fenced zone.

In layman’s terms, this means that a smartphone or vehicle, for instance, which is carrying a GPS device can be used to give an alert when a person, object or vehicle leaves or enters a certain area. Geo-fencing is used for a variety of purposes. A parent who wishes to make sure a child stays within a certain area, such as a school zone, for instance, can use geo-fencing to be alerted if the child leaves that area.

Geo fencingConversely, geo-fencing can be used to give an alert if a child (or any user of a LBS-equipped device) enters a zone that is designated to be prohibited. This is just one example of how geo-fencing capabilities can be applied. Geo-fencing is also used to prevent theft of vehicles or even to monitor wild animals in their habitats.

How Can I Get Geo-Fencing Capability?

If you’d like to have access to a geo-fencing service to monitor someone’s movements - a child or employee for instance - you can do so by purchasing a spy phone app, such as mSpy, which offers such capability. A cell phone monitoring software package like mSpy can be used to set up a customized geo-fence which will alert you when a targeted smartphone or tablet enters or leaves a designated area.

The user of the spy phone app must first install the software on the targeted device and then set up the perimeters on a map, using the control panel on their private spy app account. The app will then send an alert, either by email, SMS or both, when the target device leaves a safe zone or enters a prohibited zone.

This capability provides parents with a powerful tool for monitoring a child’s whereabouts and making sure they are not leaving a safe area or entering a dangerous one. Employers may also find this capability to be very useful one, as well.