Focus on the "Track GPS location" feature

Using the "Track GPS location" feature

Today in our "How to spy on a mobile phone" blog, we will focus on this special feature which allows you to monitor the location of a smartphone by GPS.

What is this feature? What can it do for you? How does the GPS location feature work?

Once the spyware is installed on the phone the location function is activated. To perform this function, mSpy uses the integrated phone's GPS (for this feature to work, GPS in the phone must be enabled – in most phones, the GPS function is a default setting). The software will keep a record of all GPS data and will retransmit the information via a secure server to your online mSpy account.

What are the details of this feature? How can it help you?

Most spyware currently on the market only retransmits the current position of the phone on a map, but mSpy goes further and is one of the reasons why the software is so popular. mSpy gives you the route that the mobile phone has taken, making you aware of every movement of the phone! This can be very useful for tracking your kids movements after school, for example.

mSpy also gives you accurate coordinates including longitude and latitude. You will be able to view the current location on the map found on your control panel, along with previous locations and the routes taken. mSpy also gives you access to dates and times of the various locations the phone has been in. Thus, you can not only follow the detailed movements of the phone but also find out at what time and how long the phone was at a particular location!

Create your own safe or restricted areas:

With mSpy you can log into your online account and designate on a map the areas you feel are safe or that should be restricted. When the phone and its user enters or leaves these areas you are immediately notified by email or SMS. This feature is very useful for monitoring and protecting children.

Why do you need this feature?

Your child said that he or she returned home after school but you have some doubts? Get a fix on their geographical location in real time, check where they have been and at what time. For monitoring a person's movements, the GPS location tracking feature is truly an indispensable tool. mSpy offers you the opportunity to be equipped with the most advanced spy tools available in an easy-to-use package - you're just a few clicks away from becoming an expert in the cell phone spying field!