Instagram Spy App

It’s been just over five years since Instagram was first launched and since then the photo and video sharing social network has taken the world by storm. Now, the app is available in 25 languages and is actively used by over 300 million people per month. Since the company was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for around $1 billion in cash and stock shares, it grew 23 percent in 2013, far surpassing its parent company Facebook’s growth rate of only three percent for the same period.

spy instagramThe name Instagram is a combination of the terms “instant camera” and “telegram,” which is a pretty good description of what the freeware app does - it allows users to instantly share photos and short videos (up to 15 seconds long) with other members of a user’s network.

Users can geotag images with geographic coordinates or location names. A number of filters are available that can be used to enhance or add processing effects to images. The service has contributed to the proliferation of “selfies” and has created some popular trends such as “Throwback Thursday” and “Woman Crush Wednesday.” (in the US)

The app is equally popular with Android and iPhone users, and is used more by females, who account for 68 percent of users.

Instagram is extremely popular among young people, who account for around 90 percent of the user base.

Because the service is so commonly used by teens, many parents have voiced concerns about its negative potential - particularly regarding “sexting.” Instagram is often used to send nude or partially nude selfies to others and the practice is more widespread than many parents imagine. Studies have indicated that at least one in five children have engaged in sexting and the numbers are growing.

Some employers may also wish to track the use of Instagram by their employees, in order to protect sensitive company data from being leaked online.

mSpy Offers an Instagram Activity Tracker

Luckily, mSpy, one of the most popular and respected spy apps on the market, is now offering an Instagram Tracking feature as part of its cell phone monitoring software package.

The feature allows a parent or employer to track all of the Instagram activity that occurs on a targeted phone or tablet. The feature works with both Android and iOS platforms and gives the user the capability to:

  • Track all the photos shared and liked by the user of the targeted device
  • View all comments made about photos shared and viewed on the app
  • Track the geographical coordinates of photos taken
  • View the users who are tagged in photos
  • View information about photos, such as whether they were shared or not, and with whom

This feature could prove to be extremely useful for parents, especially when so many young people are getting into serious trouble over the sharing of nude or semi-nude photos. It is a crime in most countries for nude or sexually suggestive images and videos of minors to be shared over the internet - even if both parties are consenting and are minors themselves.

mSpy offers a solution to a potentially disastrous problem - Instagram Spy App's feature is the best method of making sure your child (or employee) isn’t sharing dangerous and inappropriate content online.