mSpy Device Locking

device locking

If you lose or misplace your smartphone, what’s the first thing you do?

For most people, the answer is - panic! And if you suspect it has been stolen? Well, if you have mSpy spyware installed, you will have some options. The first action - after dialing the number of the targeted phone to see if it merely fell behind the couch - is to try to locate the device by using the mSpy GPS Location function.

If the device not where it should be or in the place you left it, you’ll be able to see it’s current location on a map. If you suspect it may be stolen or is in the wrong hands, you can activate the Device Locking feature on your Control Panel. This will block access to all of the phone’s functions for a specified period of time without erasing any of your phone’s contents or settings.

Additionally, as a last resort, you can erase the device’s contents by using the Device Wipeout feature. This should only be used if efforts to recover the phone fail, since the action is irreversible. The Device Locking function allows you to deny access without losing any data - it’s a safe interim solution to use while you are recovering the phone.

Safe and Protected

The loss or theft of a phone can be an expensive and potentially disastrous occurrence. mSpy provides you with a set of tools you can use to protect yourself from the possible serious consequences associated with losing a smartphone or having one stolen. With mSpy, you also have the capability of finding and recovering the phone.

Doesn’t it make sense to protect your family and your company’s phones from being lost or accessed by criminals? mSpy puts you in control and offers you a flexible and complete spyware system. The Device Locking feature alone is worth the price of the whole package, and is only one of mSpy’s many advanced features.