mSpy Device Wipeout

mspy device wipeoutSome single features of the mSpy spyware package are useful enough to be worth the entire price of the license by themselves! The Device Wipeout feature is a good example. This function allows you to remotely wipe the phone of all data. This capability can be extremely useful in the case of a lost or stolen phone.

Protection from smartphone loss or theft

Having a smartphone ending up in the wrong hands could spell disaster. Your smartphone (or one carried by your child, or employee) contains a large amount of personal info. Financial details, personal messages, contacts, photos, videos - all of these can be accessed by a criminal with relatively basic tech skills. The data in your phone could be used to drain your bank account, rack up an enormous phone bill or even blackmail you. This is a potential horror story that no one should have to face, but yet, the danger is there every time you take your smartphone into public places.

Having the ability to wipe the phone completely and remotely could prove to be truly invaluable, especially in the case of theft.

How does it work?

On your secured mSpy account, you’ll have access to a Phone Management page where you can perform several functions. The “Wipe Phone” button is located near the top of the screen. Keep in mind that this feature should be used only in an emergency and as a last resort, since the action is irreversible.

Security and peace of mind

Don’t let a thief rob you of your personal information or your peace of mind. With mSpy you’ll have several tools which are extremely useful in protecting you against the loss or theft of your smartphone. For instance, mSpy not only gives you remote control over the phone’s functions, but also the ability to find it using the GPS Location feature!