mSpy Extends Battery Life

In their continuing efforts to provide clients with the very best spy app software available, mSpy has announced improvements in their product which will extend battery life significantly.

battery spyMost spy apps use a lot of battery power, due to the fact that they constantly check the device in which they are installed for changes and activities that need to be reported to the monitoring dashboard of the user’s private account. This frequent activity drains batteries quickly, so the developers at mSpy decided to see if they could do something about the problem.

Their efforts were successful, and now the app is able to respond only when changes occur on the targeted device. The app no longer has to constantly check the device for activity, which translates to far less battery usage. If the device is not being used, as in when a child is asleep, for example, mSpy will remain in standby mode.

However, as soon as the device is used and/or any changes are entered, mSpy will detect the activity and report it to the app user’s account dashboard immediately

With the improvement, battery life on the average smartphone using mSpy will be increased by 11 percent daily, or 10 extra hours of battery life per charge (based on a the device’s user making a single one-minute phone call and sending one message per hour).

mSpy is the only spy app maker

that has developed this capability, making it the most efficient product of its type on the market and one of the best apps in general, in terms of battery efficiency.

The added battery life means more protection for your child and more efficiency for your employees who carry company-issued smartphones.

The improvements are equally effective for both Android and iOS platforms.

mSpy has already proven itself to be among the top mobile monitoring apps available - the number of useful features it provides compared to its cost make it one of the most competitive products of its kind. This latest improvement is also evidence of their ongoing commitment to providing customers with the latest and most advanced monitoring software available.