mSpy Incoming Calls Restriction

block incoming callThe great thing about mSpy is the range of features you’ll have at your fingertips. Some of the advanced functions are truly amazing, others are more basic, but often just as useful.

On the Phone Management window of your mSpy account, you’ll find the Incoming Calls Restriction feature at the bottom right of the screen. There, you simply enter the phone number of the person you want to block from calling the targeted phone.

What makes this feature useful?

Imagine your child is being bullied by certain schoolmates or that there is a peer who is a bad influence on your teen. Kids can be very persistent and obsessive - especially when it comes to phones - and a simple feature that blocks incoming calls may prove to be extremely useful as a parenting tool.

Kids sometimes need protection from their peers, as in the case of bullying or falling in with the wrong crowd. Or often, a child simply spends too much time talking to a certain friend, while schoolwork suffers.

Parental monitoring strategies

The parent can add or remove numbers from the list at any time. Incoming Calls Restriction can be part of an “open door” policy, where the parent tells the child who is being blocked and why. Or a number can be blocked discreetly, with no indication on the target phone that this action has been taken. The way parents chooses to handle these situations is entirely up to them.

With mSpy, the concerned parent or employer has access to a set of features that can be used in combination to effectively monitor and control a targeted person’s phone and internet activity. Find out who the target person communicates with, what they are discussing and then take the appropriate actions using the tools mSpy provides you with. mSpy is a complete monitoring system that allows you be informed and in control.