mSpy Installed Applications

espiaoAs any avid smartphone user (such as the typical teen) knows, there are literally thousands of applications available for downloading. Games, social networks and news sites are just a few examples. Many of them are free and many are very useful. However, some phone apps may not have such a positive effect, especially on kids.

With mSpy, parents or employers have the capability to block apps that are deemed unsuitable. On the Installed Applications window of your secured mSpy account, you will be able to view a list of all applications installed on the target phone along with the name of the version (i.e. Instagram 3.0.5). Next to the name of each app is a “Block” button which allows you to prevent the app from launching.

Why do I need this feature?

Parents often find this feature to be quite useful in monitoring and controlling the amount of time a child spends using a particular app or list of apps. Many kids are prone to wasting too many hours with gaming apps, for instance. Or sharing and chatting on the various messenger apps, such as Instagram.

With the mSpy Installed Applications feature, a parent can easily make designated apps “off limits” - for a certain length of time or even permanently. You’ll be able to view exactly which apps are being installed, and, by using other features in combination - such as the Intercept Instant Messages and Browsing History - you’ll have the ability to make informed decisions and take the appropriate actions.

Employers also benefit from being able to control access to apps on company-issued smartphones. Knowing exactly what your employees are doing online gives you a competitive edge and the Installed Applications function allows you to control their activity.

Easy to use

As with all the features mSpy spyware offers, the Installed Applications function is simple and easy to use. It takes only seconds to view the listing of installed apps and select the ones you wish to block.