Spy on an iPhone without Jailbreak

iconeCell Phone Spy Software for iPhone mSpy - No Jailbreak Required!*

mSpy, one of the world’s leading makers of cell phone monitoring apps, has just unveiled a new iPhone spy app without jailbreak capability that may appeal to the less tech-savvy among us or to those who don’t have physical access to an iOS device they would like to target.

This means that if you have the iCloud credentials for an iOS device, no jailbreak is necessary to install mSpy.

Although there is a limit of available mSpy features for non-jailbroken iPhones, most of the basics are there for effectively tracking the online activity and call history of the targeted device’s user.


iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak Features

*Here is a list and description of mSpy features available for non-jailbroken iPhones:

iconeContacts - With mSpy installed on a non-jailbroken phone, you will have access to all contact info, including names and numbers of contacts as well as other corresponding info, such as home, business and email addresses, and more. Find out who your targeted user is communicating with while obtaining potentially valuable info about where they work or live.

iconeCall Logs - Call logs can reveal a lot about a person - who are they talking to and when? With the mSpy no-jailbreaking option, you’ll be able to view the logs of all incoming and outgoing calls. See all the details of the targeted user’s call history, including names and numbers (if entered in the address book), plus the time and duration of calls.

iconeText Messages - One of the most valuable features available with the no jailbreaking mSpy option. Allows you to view the contents of text messages along with corresponding details, including whether the message was sent or received, name of the sender and recipient, time and date stamp info.

iconeBrowsing History - Another vital monitoring feature that works with non-jailbreak phones. View all URLs visited and find out the time and date when each was visited. Concerned about your teen accessing inappropriate material? This feature lets you monitor web surfing activity in detail.

iconeEvents & Calendar - Gives you access to all calendar entries, including the times of meetings, details of scheduled tasks and more.

iconeNotes - View all notes entered and stored on an iOS device.

Although this is a limited array of features, it covers the basics. For many, these should prove to be sufficient - especially considering there’s no jailbreak hassle involved. If you’re a parent or employer who just wants an overview of a child or employee’s online habits, mSpy for non-jailbreak iPhones should be an ideal choice.


To install mSpy iPhone spy app without jailbreak, you must first obtain the iCloud credentials of the device you wish to monitor. It’s important to note that if the iCloud backup setting is not activated on the iOS device, it may prove necessary to gain physical access.

Next, you can select the features you want for monitoring the device. Once you have chosen the features, use the Wizard Setup to install the app.

Now you can simply log into your secured private account and use the Control Panel to begin monitoring. It’s very simple and easy, and that’s one of the main selling points of the mSpy No Jailbreak iOS Spy App.

If you want to monitor an iOS device without having to jailbreak it, and if you don’t mind having a limited choice of features, then this app is perfect for you. Once again, mSpy has proven to be one of the innovators in the smartphone spy app market.