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Parental control with mSpy

What is parental control?

From the age of around 6 years and often even before, a child will begin to understand information technology and cyber operations. He will then access to the internet, whether on the home computer, your tablet or your smartphone. And from there, he will go online on his own:  online games, school activities, videos, movies. Growing up, he will develop further autonomy vis-à-vis the Internet. This is where parental control should intervene - with more than just an enabled filter on Google Image. Every parent should realize that it is his/her responsibility to strictly monitor the activities of their child online.

Your child is growing up (maybe, in fact. too quickly, in your opinion?) - is it becoming difficult to monitor his online activity? Is he learning, for instance, how to create online accounts for playing games? Is he "surfing" independently and viewing videos? Did he create his own Facebook account? Is he with his friends on Skype? Does he have his own mailbox?

Parental control involves close monitoring of your child’s activities online.

Cyber-harassment and sexual predators are among the most serious dangers associated with the Internet, not to mention the vast amount of material of a sexual nature - which is readily available to a child or a teenager. Through accessing sexual content,  the child could then be exposed to malicious people who create fake accounts on social networks. Even instant messaging can be a dangerous activity, due to questionable persons lurking these platforms. There are also lesser dangers, such as online games that sometimes lead children to pay for them online without your permission.
Just like the real world - the virtual world must be controlled and monitored to some extent. When your son or daughter goes out at night with friends, you are aware of where they are going, with whom they are going going and at what time they will be back, right? It is your duty as parents to do the same with the Internet.


iconeThe challenge is how to manage and monitor the activities of a child without he or she feeling controlled -  we know this is very crucial, especially during puberty.

How do you monitor children without constantly asking questions, looking over their shoulders or trying to follow their every move? How can you make sure they are staying out of trouble without giving them the feeling they are being smothered or controlled?
Let us show you how mSpy can help you discreetly maintain the necessary parental control that is crucial at this stage of a child’s life.
mSpy is designed for this purpose! It is a program created for remote monitoring - especially for parents concerned about the online activities of their children!

Once you have downloaded the application, simply install it onto the Internet device used by the child concerned and then log into your private secured account to track activities.

Explore some of the many useful monitoring features of the software, OR -  

WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Skype or Facebook - mSpy software will you give a detailed report of all activities occurring on the most popular messaging tools.

Email monitoring
Read the messages received or sent. Valuable information is delivered through emails. Be aware of the activities taking place there.

GPS position tracking
Once the GPS location feature is enabled, you'll be able to track the current whereabouts and history of the child’s movements displayed on the map of your account’s Control Panel

Internet monitoring
Trace and track all the URLs (addresses of websites) visited by the child, as well as his favorites. This is one of the most useful functions mSpy provides for parents.

SMS monitoring
A lot of revealing information is transmitted via texting (SMS) - regular monitoring of your child’s SMS activities will inform you of what type of people he or she is connected with  and what is being shared.

Media monitoring
Compromising photos, unauthorized videos? With this feature you will have visual access to media stored  and shared on the child’s phone.

Optimal protection in 3 clicks

School problems, depression, dangerous behavior, bad company -  the life of a child or teen is fraught with potential dangers. Don’t wait until you realize something is wrong - take the lead in monitoring your child’s world before situations get out of control. The Internet is becoming more and more of a factor in our everyday lives - be prepared and effective as a parent.  Choose mSpy now - the monitoring system which is the ideal parenting tool!

Don’t hesitate - choose the right solution now!

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