Real Tests and Reviews with ScreenShots of Results

At, we take reviewing products seriously.

You may have noticed many other sites claiming that they provide spy app product “reviews,” but too often such sites are essentially fraudulent and misleading. Very few of them actually test the products they refer to and merely “copy and paste” a list of features from the official product’s website.

This is usually carried out by unscrupulous online scammers whose aim is to simply create traffic to their sites - they don’t care whether the information is useful or unique, they just want you to click on their URL.

We at take a completely different approach. Our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased product reviews based on a series of tests we perform ourselves.

If a product doesn’t live up to its marketing claims, we don’t pull any punches - we’ll let you know exactly how it really performs, listing all the pros and cons in an objective manner.


We’ll give you the lowdown on a specific product’s overall performance: Is it easy to install and use? Are there any glitches or bugs associated with the software? We thoroughly test every feature and include screenshots with our reviews so that you can get an idea of exactly how the product looks and functions. If a product lives up to our expectations by meeting or surpassing our testing criteria, we’ll happily recommend it. If it doesn’t perform well, we have no qualms in identifying its flaws and drawbacks.

We never parrot the marketing claims of a product’s maker, we make sure that the software works as advertised before we give our approval. If a company makes false claims about its software, we’ll expose the truth.

Selection of the right spy app should be based on a balance of price and features, sometimes a cheaper product with less features is all a user may need - we strive to review products while keeping in mind the differing needs of individual users, realizing that it’s not a matter of “one size fits all.” With that in mind, we often compare one product’s price and features relative to another, so that you can make an informed choice based on your own requirements and budget.

You can count on for honest, thorough and up-to-date product tests and reviews - in our humble opinion, no one takes spy app reviewing more seriously and we’re confident that you’ll find our reporting and testing approach to be helpful and on target.

In order to provide our visitors with the best information available before purchasing a Spy App, we've put the two best software products to the test and we are sharing the results with you.

Please note that the tests were run on a different day for each software so results may vary a bit.

Here is how the tests were conducted:

1- All Spy Apps were installed on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running with Android.

2- A second phone was used for testing purposes (sending emails, SMS, etc.) - a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Phone Used for Testing


3- Here are the features we tested – these are generally the most popular among users:
4- We included screenshots, when applicable, of both Cell Phones.

5- We included screenshots of the control panels of all Spy Apps for each feature mentioned above.

6- You will notice an “xxx” in place of some areas within the screenshots - this was done to maintain our privacy, nothing else was altered from the image you see. We are pleased to report that the testing went smoothly and most products work as advertised.

7- Some Cell Phone Tracker Apps offer more features than those we included in this test. We decided to only test the most popular features and the ones that were common to both apps.