Auto Forward Spy APK Review

Auto Forward Spy is a spy app for smartphone launched in 2015. Like most other spy apps, it is designed to monitor a smartphone like Android or Iphone. The market for such spy apps is now becoming a bit crowded, but only a few are actually worth the money.

In this review, we will take a look at the features and mentions the pros and cons of Auto Forward Spy.

However, if you are already familiar with this type of Apps, you can scroll down to the bottom for our conclusion.

Here is a Summary of Auto Forward Spy's features

Call Logs:  Record all call logs on the targeted device.

Text Messages:  All text  messages are logged abd transmitted to the control panel

Web Browsing:  See all website visited by the smartphone

GPS Tracking:  Check the GPS location of the smartphone every 10mn

Multimedia files: Access to all pictures, audio and video files.

Instant Messenger: Monitoring of WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, IMessages


Auto Forward Spy claims to be compatible with Android and IOS devices but be careful as certain features won't be compatible with all operating systems.


Auto Forward Spy cost $69.99. However during checkout you have possible add-ons.

  • Extended Download Warranty: $29.99
  • Premium Support Package: $29.99

Pros and Cons


Auto Forward Spy's main advantage is it's price tag. For $69.99 you have access to all the features which is very cheap indeed (too cheap?)


You have to pay to get phone support, which is certainly a strange business practice, there is no online chat support either. In fact you pretty much have no support unless you pay for the premium support package. Moreover, we need to mention that auto forward spy and highster mobile are two identical products..from the same company and has a questionable reputation.


We can't recommend Auto Forward Spy. Considering what happened with Highster Mobile, it's no surprise to see the same product marketed under a different name, it allows for a fresh start. Considering the lack of customer satisfaction with the first product (Highster Mobile) and the poor reputation it has, Auto Forward Spy can't be recommended by us.