FlexiSpy Review Android & Iphone


  • Launch date: 2004
  • Headquarters Asia
  • Monitoring: Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop computers
  • Compatibility: Android, IOS, BlackBerry/li>
  • Main Features: call, text message, email, pictures, GPS, web Monitoring
  • Advance Features: Record Calls, Intercept Calls, Listen/Record to Phone Surrounding, VOIP Calls, Spy Cam
  • Options : Remote Jailbreak / rooting and Remote Install
  • IM & Social Media Monitoring: WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat, Snapchat, Hangout, Line, Skype, Viber and more
  • Technical Support: Yes: 24/24
  • Cost: $68/month Premium , $199/ 3 Months Premium

Today, I’ll take a look at FlexiSpy, which is currently on its way to becoming the undisputed leader in the cell phone monitoring software market. FlexiSpy has emerged as one of the top products for Android and Iphone due to several factors, which we will explore in detail. I will give a rundown of features and discuss why I believe that this product is the among the best currently available on the market, but first I will explain one of the main reasons FlexiSpy is now about to gain the edge over the competition.

Industry Shakeup

iconeThe cell phone monitoring software market has always been a rapidly changing one, particularly recently. The various makers of these products have been in stiff competition from the beginning, adding new features to stay abreast of the latest technology available. However, the market has been shaken up even more dramatically lately - mainly due to legal concerns about how these products are marketed and what features can be offered without running afoul of the law - especially for products like these that are made and sold in the U.S.

Due to recent legal issues, some products have disappeared entirely, while others have removed certain “intrusive” features. Many companies have reworded the text on their websites to stay within legal bounds.

For instance, StealthGenie - once one of the biggest players in the market for Android phone monitoring- has had their website suspended due to legal problems. It remains to be seen whether StealthGenie will return at all. Other popular monitoring software products, such as mSpy, have removed features such as environment monitoring and call recording. MobileSpy now displays an icon indicating that the software has been installed and is in use.

FlexiSpy Gains the Edge

FlexiSpy, on the other hand, continues to operate as usual - and as of now, they are offering features that no other monitoring software package does, mainly because these features have either been removed from the various other products or were not available in the first place.

So how does FlexiSpy manage to keep offering these features? The answer is simple - the company is based outside of the U.S. and is not subject to the restrictive laws there regarding this type of technology.

That means that not only is FlexiSpy the only product currently offering these features, but also that it is unlikely that they will be forced to remove them or stop selling their product anytime soon. This alone has put them in front of the competition and, honestly, they are offering one of the most advanced, easy-to-install and use products on the market.

FlexiSpy has recently revamped and updated their website, as well as their product. They are certainly not the cheapest option, but for those who need the more advanced features, they are the ONLY current choice available that I can fully recommend. It’s possible that some of the other monitoring software makers will bring back features such as environment monitoring and call interception, but for now, these are only available with FlexiSpy.

Is it Legal to Purchase FlexiSpy?

It is legal to purchase and use FlexiSpy but it’s important to keep the following in mind:

● It is not legal to use these products without explicit the consent of the targeted individual unless they are minors over which you have legal custody
● Using these products to catch a cheating spouse or lover, etc. is not legal in the U.S. or anywhere that I know of.
● If you have any questions about the legal use of this type of software, be sure to consult an attorney. Laws regarding the use of these products may vary from state to state.

I do not encourage or condone the use of FlexiSpy or any other monitoring software for any purpose other than what is allowed under the laws of the country or state in which you reside.

Product Description and Features

iconeFlexiSpy is an advanced cell phone monitoring software package which includes all the basic features found on products of this type, plus some great features that are wholly unique to this particular product. The package is available in two yearly contract plans - Premium and Extreme. Both plans offer all the basics: call logs, web activity monitoring, GPS location, multimedia monitoring, chat and social media monitoring, SMS and email monitoring, and more.

With the Extreme version of FlexiSpy, you’ll also be able to record and listen in on phone calls, activate and use the targeted device’s built-in camera and microphone to monitor surroundings. There is also a Password Cracker feature included with the Extreme version. FlexiSpy offers more features than any other product of its kind. In fact, there are so many features included with this software package, there is not enough room here to list and describe them all. FlexiSpy’s website claims to have 150 different features, and from what we can tell, this is basically true.

For a complete listing of individual features and which devices they work on, you’ll need to visit the FlexiSpy website.

But you can rest assured that no other product does as much on Andoid and Iphone. For instance, FlexiSpy monitors more IM platforms than any other product - currently there are 13 IM platforms available for monitoring.

iconeFlexiSpy offers app blocking features and the capability to set up alerts based on designated keywords or phone numbers. There’s also a Geo-Fencing feature which allows the user to designate safe or restricted zones on the Control Center map - when the device enters or leaves one of these areas, the user will be notified immediately.

FlexiSpy Has All the Bases Covered

In almost every way imaginable, the makers of FlexiSpy have done their best to lead the market. Not only does FlexiSpy offer the most features, many of which are currently not available anywhere else, the product is one of the easiest to install and use, it’s a modern and streamlined package, and its customer support and service is second to none.

The only drawback we can find is the price. FlexiSpy isn’t cheap, but if you need all the features it offers, it’s the only choice available. Currently, FlexiSpy is available only in yearly plans - the Premium version costs $149 per year, the Extreme version is $349 per year. One of the great things about FlexiSpy is that it offers a 10-day free trial and if you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, it’s no problem. The FlexiSpy website is also currently offering a 50% discount to current StealthGenie users - a very clever and attractive marketing scheme that will no doubt draw a lot of business from StealthGenie users now that the product has been suspended.


Once again, FlexiSpy scores high against the competition - it’s available for a wide variety of devices. FlexiSpy currently supports Nokia Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Phones and Android Tablets.


FlexiSpy is probably the market leader in terms of stealth and undetectability, with a number of features that help to keep it hidden. It can’t be detected by task killer programs and does not show up in the task manager or application listings. There is no visible icon displayed anywhere.

iconeCustomer Support

In terms of service and support, once again FlexiSpy does a very good job, offering Live Chat support and an extensive Help menu, which includes video. This level of support is one of the many reasons some users may find the price of FlexiSpy to be worth it.

FlexiSPY review, my conclusion

FlexiSpy isn’t free nor cheap, as we’ve mentioned but no product offers more at the moment, and no other software of its kind is better-designed or easier to install and use except maybe for mSpy. For some, cheaper products may certainly be adequate, but for those willing to pay the price, FlexiSpy is in a class of its own and delivers on every level. I am very impressed with this product and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wishing to have what is possibly the best and most advanced monitoring software available. Once again, because FlexiSpy is not based in the U.S., the chances are that it will remain available with all of its features for some time to come. Now that FlexiSpy has gained somewhat of an edge over the competition, it is also likely that they will continue to add more features and updates, while expanding their compatibility.

A Final Note

Since FlexiSpy is not subject to U.S. legal restrictions in terms of its marketing, the product is still advertised as a way to catch cheating spouses and lovers. However, using this product in such a manner is completely illegal in the U.S. and elsewhere. I emphatically do not condone the use of FlexiSpy for such purposes - this type of software should ONLY be used in a manner consistent with the laws of the specific location of the purchaser of such products. If you have any doubts, be sure to consult an attorney before purchasing or installing FlexiSpy or any similar monitoring software.