Highster Mobile Spy App Download & Free Review

Highster Mobile - is it Legit?

There have been a lot of rumors making the rounds on the internet regarding the spy app software product called Highster Mobile.

Some have claimed that the product is a scam, others say it’s a legitimate working product, so we felt it our duty to cut through all the hearsay and determine whether or not it works at all and if so, whether it’s worth the price of purchase.

Something Fishy?

Part of the reason the rumors have been flying is the fact that there were some shady marketing ploys on the web that appeared to point back to the company that makes Highster Mobile. That led us and others to wonder if the product was simply a scam.

As it turns out, there do seem to be some unethical marketing techniques being employed by the makers of the product, but the bottom line is that yes, the product works. However, there are some pretty major issues that should be considered before purchasing this product.

Yes, it works, but…

Like most mobile monitoring software products, Highster Mobile offers a number of basic features, including functions like GPS location, call log monitoring, SMS and email monitoring, chat platform monitoring, etc.

Tests by independent reviewers have shown that most of these basic functions actually do work with Highster Mobile.

Lack of customer support and refund policy

With any such product - reputable ones, that is - customer support is an important consideration. If you have problems with installation, for instance, or if something isn’t working correctly, it’s nice to have someone at the other end to help you with the issue.

Most of the companies who sell spy apps have live chat support, some even offer live support on a 24/7 basis. Highster Mobile offers no such support, but apparently they will usually respond within 24 hours to emails.

Another common complaint with Highster Mobile is that the company will not issue refunds. User reviews we’ve seen indicate that no one has been able to get their money back in cases where the customer was unsatisfied.

So it seems rather clear that Highster Mobile is sorely lacking in its commitment to service after the sale - one more strike against the product.

And what about the scam rumors?

As you probably already know, the internet is rife with scam artists and the spy app industry is no exception. One of the common ploys is to trick people into clicking on what appears to be a offer for a reputable product at a low price.

Usually, these types of scams simply take your money and give you nothing in return.

In the case of Highster Mobile, it appears that they used such a technique - in their case, a Tweet that offered FlexiSpy (a reputable spy app - more on their product later in this review) at an extremely low price.

But the bogus Tweet simply redirected potential customers to the Highster Mobile website. The difference between their scam and most others is that they actually sell software that works - even if it doesn’t work as advertised, at least it was not a complete ripoff.

The fact that Highster Mobile was willing to stoop to such tactics - or at least allowed an affiliate to do so - makes the company seem highly suspicious and unethical in their marketing.

The final verdict

All things considered, we can’t recommend this product, even though it works for the most part and is available at a competitive price. There are just too many problems associated with it. it’s a bit sad, because if Highster Mobile had simply been honest in their marketing approach and not listed features that don’t work, it would be a fairly decent product at a good price.

But as in dealing with a person, if someone is dishonest a good deal of the time, it’s hard to believe anything they say. And Highster Mobile has proven to be pretty shady overall. With many spy app companies - even reputable ones - having suddenly disappeared from the market during the past couple of years, it would not surprise me at all if Highster Mobile suddenly folded up their tent and disappeared in the middle of the night (figuratively speaking, of course). Please note that Auto Forward Spy Apk is also owned by the same company and can't be recommended either. Click here for a full review.

A couple of alternatives

As everyone knows, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is quite often very true. If you’re interested in purchasing a spy app, you might as well spend the money it takes to purchase one with good performance, a lot of features and solid product support.

Two of the best on the market these days are FlexiSpy and mSpy. Both offer a number of useful features and both have a proven track record.


is the more expensive of the two, but they offer more features than anyone else on the market. Their customer support is top-notch - they have both live chat and phone support. Another great thing about FlexiSpy is that they offer a “trade-in” program - if you’re unhappy with your current spy app contract, FlexiSpy will offer you a sizable discount for trading it in for theirs.


is also a very popular and respected mobile monitoring app. Their product does not offer as many features as FlexiSpy, but the price is substantially lower and they also have excellent customer support.

Either one of these apps comes highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and avoid products like Highster Mobile. In the long run, it’s simply not worth it to try to save a few bucks by purchasing an inferior product that doesn’t live up to its own claims.