HoverWatch Review

HoverWatch Review 2017: Stay Away from this App

Among the numerous Spy Apps available to anyone looking to purchase such a software, it's is becoming increasingly complicated to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly.

Honest reviews therefore plays an important factor in the decision making process. Thus we will give you our opinion based on our research about HoverWatch, a spy app that has quickly risen in the Top Five of this market.

What is HoverWatch?

Like it's competitors, HoverWatch is a spy app for smartphone and tablets. It records the different activities performed on the target phone and then transmit them to the customer private account so he can check it whenever he wants.

HoverWatch provides very little information about the company that created it. What we do know is that it's owned by Refog, a company launched in 2002. There are no details about where the company is located nor where the servers are. (always a good thing to know where the informations are being uploaded and under which jurisdiction)

Besides that, HoverWatch offers some features from basic to more advanced which we will cover below. There are two different subscriptions available, one for “personal” use and one for “family” use (so that you can monitor up to 5 devices)

Is HoverWatch Free?

Well that's a question that keeps on coming back, and there is a good reason for that, it's written in big bold letters on top of their homepage.

So is it really free? Well of course not, it's a catch to keep you on their website. In fact HoverWatch does give you a free trial and from there you have to pay to enjoy all the features. So there you have it for the so called free version.

Online Reviews: It gets ugly, they are not good to say the least. So what are actual users of HoverWatch saying, if you take a look at a website such as trustpilot.com (in english mainly), you will quickly realize that the vast majority have given them a bad review, Please read below:

1- The trial was working just fine and now that I paid for a subscription I am receiving no logs.. I wish I would have read these reviews before hand I feel cheated.. I contacted your support team with no response.

2- Don't waste your money. The trial version worked. Upgraded to paid version after trial version expired. It no longer works. Feel I have been scammed. I would not recommend Hoverwatch.

3- I am complaining that calls are not recording from last few days am continuously complaining the same issue till now it was not solved.

4- I have taken your one year subscription, it was working fine during trial however after taking the subscription it is not. Tried to reach out to your technical support team however there is no response from them and it's more than 3 days. Can you get this sorted for me or return my money.

Features Overview

HoverWatch has a few interesting features but they remain fairly basic, There is a real lack of advanced features. If you compare with mSpy or FlexiSpy for instance, HoverWatch monitors very few instant messengers: WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Facebook

All together it has 12 features, if you are used to apps such as mSpy, it will seem very little for an App that claims to be the best possible cell phone tracker on the market.

Technical Support

Support seems to be their strong point, if you write them, they usually answer, even on Trustpilot, you see that the company is responding to customer claims but of course if, like it's being reported by so many customers, the app itself does not work, it is clearly not enough to have good support.


We can't recommend HoverWatch. Yes, the App does work at first but it can stop at anytime and for no valid reason. Thus your logs (text messages, photos, calls etc..) can be poorly recorded and/or completely outdated.

Sometimes, logs might never show up in your online account. Let's imagine that you have purchased this app because your think your child might be the victim of cyberbullying, and you believe it's done through Whatsapp, and no logs shows up for days? You might be led to believe that your child is safe while in fact it's the software that's not working.

As a matter of fact, many users are mentioning that the Spy App did work well during the trial period and once the full version has been purchased and paid for, it's no longer working at all, puzzling isn't it?

For all the reasons mentioned above, we don't really know what to expect with this product and therefore it can't be recommended. To some extent, having HoverWatch is worse than not having any spy app installed since you can trust it's reliability and you can't be sure to be alerted at the right time.

Our final thoughts is that it might be best to purchase a spy app that stood the test of time and deliver on its promises.

One of the reason HoverWatch has those problems could be a lack of investment in powerful enough servers which allows them to offer aggressive pricing. It's always possible they invest in their infrastructure later on but for now, it's seems not to be the case.