iKeyMonitor Review

UPDATE JULY 2016 : iKeymonitor has raised its prices, making it less attractive, indeed it's basic package is $20 more expensive than mSpy for less features ($119 vs $99 for mSpy) and it's premium package is at the same price than mSpy for less features as well.

A Functional Keylogger/Spy App Solution

There are lots of choices among today’s spy app products - and in every price range, it seems. From spyware products such as mSpy which have a vast array of features (and prices to match), to inexpensive or even freeware products with limited functionality.

As usual, it’s largely a matter of “getting what you pay for,” but there are some very solid monitoring apps that offer the basics at a very attractive price, giving users an acceptable compromise between functionality and cost.

iKeyMonitor is one of these products. This spy software package delivers almost all of the basic features you’d expect from a quality keylogger/spy app at an extremely attractive price.

For those on a tight budget, iKeyMonitor may be the best monitoring software choice available.

iconeiKeyMonitor Overview

Marketed primarily as a keylogger, iKeyMonitor does that very well and offers a lot more besides. In fact, it’s a first-class keylogger with most of the features of a cell phone spy app, making it sort of a hybrid product which covers the basics of both quite adequately.

The keylogger function allows you to retrieve passwords and record all keystrokes. The other features give you access to chats, emails, web surfing history and much more.

Read on for a detailed list and description of iKeyMonitor features.

iKeyMonitor Features


This central feature lets you record every keystroke entered on the targeted device, including the ability to retrieve passwords - even ones with hidden characters. You can also view pasted texts with the iKeyMonitor keylogger. Other keylogger features include the recording of time and date stamp info regarding keystrokes made, as well as logging the app used. Being able to retrieve passwords is a powerful monitoring function, indeed!

iconeSMS Tracking

With iKeyMonitor, you’ll have access to all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, along with the times, dates and phone numbers. Often, a person’s SMS history can reveal key information regarding their private lives.

iconeWeb Activity

If you have concerns that a child or employee is accessing the wrong types of websites, or that they simply may be spending too much time online, this feature may prove to be very useful. iKeyMonitor records the URLs, along with time and date info, of any website visited through Safari.

iconeWhatsApp Message Recording

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, especially among young people. iKeyMonitor lets you view the contents of WhatsApp messages along with contact info, time and date stamps.

iconeChat Monitor

iKeyMonitor allows the user to monitor all chat messages typed into the targeted device. View chat messages sent (along with time, date and contact info) from the device through Facebook Messenger, Skype and more than a dozen other chat platforms.

iconeSocial Network Monitoring

Lets the user view social network activity on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, including chat messages and posts along with the dates and times each site was visited.

iconeEmail Monitoring

The iKeyMonitor keylogger allows you to monitor emails typed and sent on the targeted device. You’ll also have access to the recipient’s address if it is typed in manually. Also records time and date stamp info.


Another powerful feature offered by iKeyMonitor. Automatically capture screenshots from the targeted device at intervals designated by you. Record and see exactly what is occurring on the screen as often as you like.

iconeLogs Via Email or FTP

A unique advanced feature that automatically sends log updates via email or through an FTP.website. Choose a time interval for updates and access logs from any device with an Internet connection. The FTP delivery feature allows you to upload large amounts of screenshots and offers several customizable options, such as the ability to choose a WiFi-only upload.

iconeRemote Access

Gives you the ability to access iKeyMonitor from a remote device, so that you can view logs, change settings and access the iKeyMonitor Live Screen for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. You can also remotely turn off iKeyMonitor.


In terms of stealth, iKeyMonitor is one of the best apps around. It is virtually undetectable and gives no indication that it is in use.


iKeyMonitor is available in nearly a dozen languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and more.


iKeyMonitor is very attractively-priced, beginning at $29.95 per month and with a 12 month contract for just $99.95. Check the website for further discounts.


iKeyMonitor is compatible with Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices.

Pros & Cons

iconeiKeyMonitor has a lot going for it - especially at the low price they offer. The product is well-designed and performs well, with few if any glitches. A recent update included fixes for some minor issues.

Once again, iKeyMonitor offers a lot of features you’d find with a good phone spy app, but since the product is essentially a keylogger with some extras, there are a few drawbacks and missing features.

For instance, there is currently no GPS Location feature included with iKeyMonitor - a common function available with most other cell phone spy apps. There is also the lack of the ability to view photos and multimedia content - another capability include with most phone monitoring apps.

iKeyMonitor is also limited to monitoring only one side of most communications, such as emails and chats. This is because these iKeyMonitor features are based on keystrokes entered - unlike some spy apps which provide an overview of chat platform activity.

On the other hand, the keylogger is a very valuable feature to begin with and the screenshot capture function also makes up partly for some of the product’s shortcomings.

And need we mention the price again?

In other words, iKeyMonitor is a great value, but it may not offer enough to please everyone.

If you’re a parent or employer who just needs a general picture of a child or worker’s online habits, iKeyMonitor does enough detective work to give a pretty clear picture. If you need GPS location, or multimedia monitoring, you’ll likely have to spend a bit more.

Another consideration when shopping for a keylogger or spy app is the level of customer support. Once again, at this price it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that iKeyMonitor leaves a little to be desired in their client service department. Some users have complained of slow responses from tech support, but overall, iKeyMonitor seems to have a decent track record with customers.

The iKeyMonitor website is not quite as well-designed as those of some of its competitors and there are some examples of what seem to be a bad translation job, but it’s nothing to get too upset about. Overall, the website is easy enough to navigate and the instructions in the User Guide are fairly clear and simple.


Even with its limitations, iKeyMonitor is quite the bargain. It’s a product which has proven to perform well and which has many useful features - enough to make it a good choice for those who don’t need a minutely detailed report of everything that occurs on a targeted device.

And that’s the whole issue with iKeyMonitor - the price is more or less unbeatable, and the choice of purchasing it or not is largely a question of features offered. iKeyMonitor does what it’s advertised to do and does it quite well. We can recommend it to those who find its list of features to be adequate for their needs.

It should be mentioned also that iKeyMonitor is available for a 3 day free trial. If you’re looking for an inexpensive keylogger/spy app, why not give it a try?