MobiStealth Review

I’m back with another product test and review - this time I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of a cell phone spy software product called MobiStealth. I personally tested the product and have included screenshots (see tests here) of various features to give you an idea how the product looks and functions.

mbProduct Overview

Mobistealth is available for both mobile devices and desktop computers, and is compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia/Symbian devices. The company offers two versions of its product: a Lite version and a Pro version. Both are available in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plans, and there’s also a convenient Basic plan, which can be purchased for two weeks. The Basic plan is ideal for those who would like to test the product before buying a longer term plan, or those who only need a “one-time” short duration spy app solution.

MobiStealth also offers a “non-jailbreak” feature for iPhone/iPad devices.

MobiStealth Lite Version Features

The Lite version of the product comes with most of the basic features the average user (a parent wishing to monitor a child’s online activities, for example) would need from a mobile spy app.

MobiStealth Lite version features include:

Call History - This feature allows the user to view the details of all calls dialed or received on the targeted device, including names, contact info, numbers, time and date stamps.

SMS Tracking - Read all SMS messages sent or received, including names, contact info, time and date stamps.

GPS Location - This feature uses the built-in GPS system on the targeted device to monitor location. The precise location of the device can be viewed on a map found on the dashboard of the user’s MobiStealth account. Location coordinates can be updated in eight minute intervals.

Appointment & Calendar Tracking - Allows the user to view all appointments and calendar entries on the targeted device.

Browser & Bookmark Tracking - Allows the user to monitor URLs visited and bookmarks entered on the targeted device.

Contact Monitoring - View the device’s contact list, including names, numbers, email addresses as well as alerts when modifications are made.

(Note: some of these features may not be available on certain devices or non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad devices - visit the MobiStealth website for more details)

MobiStealth Pro Version Features

The Pro version includes the following advanced features (some features may not be available on certain devices - check the MobiStealth website for compatibility details):

Video & Photo Monitoring - This feature allows you to view all photos and videos stored on the device, including video chats recorded and shared.

Location Tracking Without GPS - As far as I know, this useful feature is unique to MobiStealth. It allows the user to track the device’s physical location, even if the a GPS signal is unavailable. The feature utilizes satellite towers or open wifi networks to get a fix on the location of the device.

Email Monitoring - Allows the user to access and view all emails sent or received, including contact details, time and date stamps. Access Gmail, Yahoo and MSN email platforms.

IM & Chat Monitoring - MobiStealth allows the user to view the contents of a very limited number of chat and IM platforms, including WhatsApp (iPhone only) and BlackBerry BBM for mobile devices. The computer version of MobiStealth offers a few more platforms, including Skype, MSN and Yahoo.

MobiStealth For Computers

MobiStealth offers a computer version of the product which is available for both PC and Mac desktops. MobiStealth for Computers includes most of the same basic and advanced features found on the mobile version, but also includes keylogging and screen shot logging capabilities not available with the mobile version. Only the Lite version is available for Mac computers, but the Lite Mac version still offers the keylogging feature.

MobiStealth Pros

This product has several things going for it. For one thing, MobiStealth has been around for many years now, and in a market where many similar products have come and gone this is a big plus. The company has a proven track record, a large user base and a good reputation overall.

The price is reasonable and the two-week Basic version makes it easy to give the product a test drive to see if it meets your needs.

MobiStealth offers at least one useful feature not found on any other product I am aware of - I’m speaking of the Location Tracking without GPS feature, which may be a very attractive option for some users, especially parents who wish to keep a close eye on the whereabouts of a child, even though most phone now have a built-in GPS

The product is very easy to install, it works as advertised and its overall performance is very fast. - once the app was installed, all the data was uploaded to the User Account within two minutes.

MobiStealth Cons

Probably the biggest overall drawback with MobiStealth is its lack of modern advanced features found with some competing products.

Most spy apps on the market today offer a much longer list of IM, social media and chat platforms that can be monitored - with MobiStealth the WhatsApp monitoring function is available only for iPhone and the only other chat platform available with the mobile version is BlackBerry BBM.

This is a pretty serious limitation.

Another drawback is the lack of certain features available with some of the other leading spy apps - FlexiSPY, for instance, offers remote monitoring of the device’s surroundings using its built-in camera and microphone.


Although MobiStealth is a fairly solid and affordable product with a good track record, it lacks certain features offered by other products. The biggest drawback, as I mentioned, is the fact that it offers such a limited number of chat monitoring capabilities.

The fact that FlexiSPY, for example, offers many other features not available with MobiStealth at a price only $10 higher per year means that I can’t really recommend MobiStealth as the best choice.

However, the product may be a good fit for certain users and it does have a few redeeming features, such as the two week contract and the Location without GPS function.