mSpy App Review Android and Iphone


  • Launch Date: 2011
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Monitoring : Smartphones, Tablets, desktop computer
  • Compatibility : Android, IOS, Mac, Windows
  • Main Features: Call, Text Message, Email, Pictures, GPS, Web Monitoring
  • Advance Features: Call and Website Restriction, Geo-Fencing
  • Options : No Jailbreak Solution for iPhone
  • IM & Social Media Monitoring: WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Viber and more
  • Technical Support: Yes: 24/24
  • Cost: $29.99/month Basic, $69.99/Month Premium

mspylogomSpy User Review

I first became acquainted with the mSpy app three years ago when the product initially appeared on the market. I was interested in purchasing mobile monitoring software because I am a concerned parent with teenage children. Now, you might think I’m a bit paranoid, or even sneaky, to want to install a spy phone app on my own children’s smartphones, but not only did I feel fully justified in doing so, I actually decided later to let my children know about it, although initially I kept it a secret. But more on that subject in a minute.

There were several factors leading to my decision to install mSpy on both my kids’ iPhones. Number one, I’m a single working mother, and it’s difficult for me to keep tabs on everything that is occurring in my childrens’ lives. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, but it’s out of the question, financially speaking.

kidsThe father of both my children does contribute to their support, but without my income, we would lose the house I own and it’s very important to me that my children have a stable life, even if it means that I have to work long hours to make sure we can stay in one place until they grow old enough to have families of their own.

When I heard about mSpy, I decided to purchase it and install it without my kids knowing I did so. Part of the reason is that I had some suspicions about the activities of the older child - I was afraid that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd and I wasn’t entirely sure that he was being honest with me when I questioned him about certain things.

HAPPYFAMILYAt the time, my other child (a girl) was just entering puberty, and though she was a model student and very well-behaved, I was still concerned about some of her friends, too - and as I said, I just don’t have the time to watch over both kids the way I would like to.

I’m happy to report that neither of my children turned out to be involved with anything too serious, but I am extremely thankful that I had the forethought to install mSpy, because it has come in very handy on certain occasions, when I was able to intervene in what I thought was potentially inappropriate or dangerous behavior on the part of both my children. Without going into personal details, I can honestly say that mSpy has been a very effective “babysitter”.

Several months after installing mSpy on my kids’ iPhones - and once I got a pretty good idea of what was happening in their lives outside of what they were telling me - I decided to let them know what I had done, and why. As you can imagine, initially they felt that I had violated their privacy, but once I patiently explained my motivation and my concerns, they accepted my reasoning. The app is still in their phones and they know that although I do trust them in general, I still reserve the right to monitor them when I feel I need to.

If you are a parent reading this, I am guessing that by now I have your full attention. You may be wondering what mSpy actually does and how effective it is. If you continue reading, I’ll explain everything…

iconeIWhat mSpy Does

mSpy is a phone app which can be purchased and installed on almost any smartphone or tablet. It’s very easy to install (it took me about five minutes, and I’m far from what you would call “tech-savvy” - or at least I was back then) and it’s completely undetectable.

When mSpy is installed on a device, the user of the app will be able to monitor:

iconeAll call information, including time of call, call duration and which phone numbers are being dialed from the target phone as well as which phone numbers are calling the target phone.

iconeAll texting info, including the content of texts as well as whom texts are being sent to and from whom texts are being received. This includes chat room activity and activity on any texting platform.

iconeAll photo and video sharing content, sent or received by the target device.

iconeAll website URL’s visited by the user of the target device.

iconeAll email content sent or received by the targeted device

iconeAll calendar and phone address book info. You’ll be able to view all the numbers and names in the phone address book of the targeted device and all calendar info, You’ll also be able to monitor any additions or modifications to phone books and calendars.

iconeAll instant messages and SMS content.

iconeGPS information - this feature allows you to track the physical location of the phone at all times. This is one of the most useful features of a spy phone app, especially in the case of children who might be in danger or simply going places they are not supposed to visit.

arrowAdvanced mSpy App Features and Services

There are several apps available that offer the above-mentioned capabilities, but there are a few added features and services that make mSpy somewhat unique in the spy phone software market:


Remote Control - mSpy gives you the capability to control many of the phone’s functions and settings remotely. With these features, you can control access to various apps and programs. Another benefit of remote control is the ability to shut down functions in case of the theft of the device. This feature alone is almost worth the price of the app.

24/7 Tech Support - One of the reasons I continue to use mSpy as my first choice spy phone app is their excellent 24/7 tech support. For a small extra charge, you can even get premium support service from mSpy, which is also available 24/7 to help you with installation, “jailbreaking” or any other personal assistance you may need related to using mSpy.

Phone Support - In addition to email and chat support, mSpy also provides its customers with telephone support where you can actually speak live with a member of their staff.

Money Back Guarantee - mSpy offers a ten day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the performance of the product , they’ll return your money.

Demo Website - mSpy offers a demo site where customers can familiarize themselves with the various features of the product. This is very helpful, especially for those with little tech knowledge or experience.

arrowmSpy Basic and mSpy Premium

mSpy Basic gives you all the basic features you need to effectively monitor a person’s online and phone activity, while mSpy Premium takes it to another level, with some of the advanced features mentioned above.You may purchase the package that is right for you.

arrowConclusionsmspy info

Since I initially purchased mSpy, three years ago, I have become interested in the spy phone app market in general, and have tested and reviewed many of the products now available. I choose to continue using mSpy for several reasons.Number one, the product really works. All the features function the way they are supposed to and I have rarely seen any performance glitches.Also, mSpy is very easy to install and use. The product has been designed well and the instructions and ease of using the dashboard on the account website make mSpy very simple to understand and utilize.

The tech support is another big plus with this company. Their staff are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. mSpy may cost a bit more than other mobile spy apps, but they back up their product with first-class support, which I find very useful.

I can highly recommend this product to anyone, whether it’s for parents wanting to protect their children or employers who wish to monitor their employees mSpy has continued to upgrade and refine their product over the past three years and continues to be one of the leading mobile spyware firms on the market.