Spy App Review of Phonty for Android and iPhone



  • Launch Date: 2016
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Monitoring : Smartphones and Tablets
  • Compatibility : Android and IOS
  • Main Features: Call, SMS, Voice Memos, Pictures, GPS, Web Monitoring
  • Advance Features: Websites Blocking, Call Recordings, Surround Recordings
  • IM & Social Media Monitoring: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram and more
  • Technical Support: Yes: 24/24
  • Cost: $19.99/month Basic, $59.99/Month Premium

Phonty Review

There’s a newcomer to the spy app marketplace and its name is Phonty. This recently-launched cell phone monitoring app has a lot going for it, including attractive pricing and some features you won’t find on most spy apps – in any price range.

In this review, we’ll take a look at Phonty’s features and compare the product with other leading phone monitoring software packages, but first a little background for those first-time clients shopping for the right spy app, or those who are unfamiliar with the current state of affairs within the spy app industry.

Some background

Since spy apps were first introduced – shortly after smartphones became popular – the market has seen a lot of changes, and a number of products have come and gone while others have undergone major modifications (often not for the good). Legal issues caused some spy app makers to close down business permanently and forced others to remove certain features that were deemed invasive by authorities in various countries.

This recent shakeup of the industry led to the demise of StealthGenie, one of the leading spy app makers, and opened up opportunities for other companies to fill the vacuum.

After legal issues shut down StealthGenie and forced other makers to remove the “invasive” features, only one company – FlexiSpy – was, and is, still offering two such features: Call Recording and Surround Recording.

FlexiSpy had the advantage of being a company based outside the U.S. and the E.U., and therefore not subject to their jurisdiction, and so was able to continue offering those two powerful features.

Now, however, FlexiSpy has lost much of its credibility among its clients. For reasons unknown, the company’s reputation for reliability has begun to slip drastically as its customers continue to  report numerous technical issues and glitches in service.

This situation has created a perfect market niche for Phonty, which offers its customers both of those features – and at a cheaper price than either mSpy or FlexiSpy, two of the leading spy app makers currently on the scene.

In the next section, we’ll examine those two features – Call Recording and Surround Recording, along with a brief overview of the product’s other features and pricing.

Phonty Features

Call Recording and Surround Recording are two features that elevate Phonty to the realm of true spy technology –  beyond simple location monitoring and access to phone logs and social media content.

These features allow you to eavesdrop in the most intimate terms – a capability some may require to gain a complete picture of the targeted individual’s actions and communications. If you suspect your child of being involved with drugs or engaging in forbidden activities, for example, or if you need to be sure your employees are spending their time productively and not chatting with friends on company time, these features can reveal the truth to you.

Call Recording – This feature gives you the ability to listen to any or all calls made or received on the targeted device. You can set the time and date to begin and stop recording and all calls will be saved to your secured private account, along with time and date stamps, phone numbers and contact info.

Surround Recording – With this feature it is possible to eavesdrop on the targeted phone’s immediate environment by recording an audio file of the device’s surroundings using the phone’s built-in microphone. You can set the time, date and duration of the recordings, which will then be stored for you so that you can listen to the playback at any time you wish.

Other Features – Phonty delivers all the other standard features you’d expect from a good spy app, including Call Monitoring, Social Network Monitoring, Email Monitoring, IM and SMS Monitoring, GPS Location, and access to contacts and calendars. There’s also a keylogging feature that allows you to view passwords and any text entered into the device.


Phonty offers a lot of features for the money – a single-month Basic contract is slightly cheaper than that of mSpy and a heck of a lot cheaper than FlexiSpy. Considering the fact that Phonty offers more features than mSpy and roughly the same features as FlexiSpy make this app a serious competitor in terms of bang for buck.

Another potentially nice thing about Phonty’s pricing structure – depending on your needs – is that both Call Recording and Surround Recording are included in the list of features for the Basic contract plan. The main difference between the Basic and Premium plan is that you’ll need to purchase Premium to have access to social network and IM platforms, as well as the keylogging feature – and for many clients, these may be important functions.


Although Phonty hasn’t been around long enough to earn our 5 star rating yet, it has certainly entered the marketplace with a lot of potential. With its competitive pricing and features you’ll hardly find anywhere else, this app could soon be one of the dominant products in its field.