Spyera Spy Software Review

What is Spyera?

Spyera is a cell phone monitoring app that allows a user to remotely and secretly track, monitor and, to some extent, control a targeted smartphone upon which the app has been installed. A Hong Kong-based company markets the product, and it offers a lot of useful features, some of which aren’t found on most phone spy apps available these days.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Spyera’s features and I’ll give you a list of pros and cons associated with the product.

Spyera Overview & Features

I won’t list every single feature that Spyera provides with its product, but I’ll talk about the important ones while giving you a general overview of what the app does.

Like most spy apps on the market, Spyera is available in more than one pricing plan. What makes Spyera a bit different, however, is that instead of having one “Basic” plan with limited features and one more expensive “Premium” plan with advanced features - as most spy app makers offer - Spyera offers one plan for tablets, another for smartphones and one “All in One” plan that works on both tablets and smartphones.

This is a fairly unique approach to pricing, and it sort of makes sense due to the fact that most tablets have less functions that can be monitored, compared to smartphones.

spyeraCall Monitoring

Spyera gives the user the ability to monitor phone activity - it tracks incoming and outgoing calls, keeping a record of times, dates, names, numbers and duration of calls. But aside from that basic capability, which is a standard feature of most phone spy apps, Spyera also allows you to listen in to live phone calls and record them. This feature alone sets Spyera apart from much of the competition and is one of the product’s major selling points.

It’s also possible to set up a notification that lets you know when designated numbers are engaging in a phone call, allowing you to listen in or record when such calls occur.

Ambient Listening & Recording

Another rather unique feature not available with most monitoring apps is the ability to listen to and record the audio environment in the device’s surroundings. This feature uses the built-in microphone of the targeted device, which is activated by a secret command sent to the device, either manually or at a scheduled time. The recordings can be stored and listened to at a later time.

Other Features

Spyera performs virtually all the functions you’d expect from a good spy app, including GPS location monitoring, the ability to read emails and SMS messages, browser history tracking and multimedia monitoring.

The app also allows you to monitor a number of IM chat platforms, including Skype, Facebook, WhatsAPP, Viber, BBM, WeChat, PIN, Snapchat, LINE, Hangouts, iMessage and Yahoo Messenger.

That’s a fairly wide range of IM platforms, and it’s another selling point for Spyera.

Other useful features include a password grabber, alert wizard, spoof SMS and sim card change notification. Remote control capabilities include automatic updates, remote access to the software’s functions and a remote uninstall feature.


Spyera is compatible with Apple, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry devices


Spyera is by no means an inexpensive product. In fact, it is one of the priciest spy apps on the market, which is its biggest drawback.

For the Tablet Version, which works with iPad and Android tablets, the yearly cost is $249. There are also 3 month and 6 month plans available.

The Smartphone Version costs $389 per year and is also available in 3 month and 6 month plans.

The All in One Version costs $489 for one year and $689 for two years.


Spyera offers many useful features, many of which are not available with most spy apps on the market. The product is easy to install and use, and it performs well, with few, if any, glitches.

The app allows monitoring of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), a feature which many similar products do not offer.


The main drawback with Spyera is the price. For instance, it costs more than Phonty, and in my opinion, Phonty is a better product.

Another major drawback is product support. Most leading spy app makers, such as mSpy offer some form of live support, either live chat or via toll-free phone number. Spyera does not.

Spyera also leaves something to be desired with its translations. Foreign language translation is mostly done with Google Translate instead of human translators.


Spyera is a good product, but due to its rather expensive price tag and lack of live support, I can’t truly recommend it compared to a product like Phonty, which offers more at a lower price.