SpyStealth Review for iPhone and Android


In the Summer of 2017, We started to notice reliability issues with SpyStealth . We currently recommend that you choose mSpy or Flexispy instead.


  • Launch Date: 2016
  • Headquarters: Scotland, UK
  • Monitoring : Smartphones and Tablets
  • Compatibility : Android and IOS
  • Main Features: Call, Text Message, Email, Pictures, GPS, Web Monitoring
  • Advance Features: Application Restriction, Geo-Fencing, Spy KakaoTalk
  • Options : No Jailbreak Solution for iPhone
  • IM & Social Media Monitoring: WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Tinder, Viber and more
  • Technical Support: Yes: 24/24
  • Cost: $24.95/month Basic, $59.95/Month Premium

SpyStealth Review

There’s a new kid on the block among the current competitors in the cell phone spy app market, and its name is SpyStealth (not to be confused with 'Cell Spy Stealth', a similarly-named product that turned out to be a scam).

In this review, we’ll take a look at SpyStealth’s features and provide you with a list of pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether this cell phone monitoring software package it the right one for you.


Spy Stealth, a direct competitor to mSpy in terms of features and pricing, was launched in early 2016 and has quickly become a leader in the market due to some unique features and its extremely attractive pricing.

Although Spy Stealth has not been on the market for very long, it appears to be a solid product with potential staying power, particularly since it offers so many features for such a great price.

Another SpyStealth selling point is its 24/7 live support, which is available with its Premium Plan (the Basic Plan offers 24/7 email support).

iconeISpyStealth Features

SpyStealth offers all the basic features you’d expect from a well-designed phone spy app along with some advanced functions not currently offered by most of its competition.

I’ll cut directly to the chase before listing SpyStealth’s standard features and tell you now what will make this product especially attractive to some users: Spy Stealth offers the capability of monitoring Badoo, KakaoTalk and a few other instant messenger platforms that are not accessible with other leading spy app products.

The ability to monitor KakaoTalk should make SpyStealth very appealing in the South Korean market, where 93% of smartphone users are currently using the free instant messenger app.

That being said, let’s get back to the basics…

Basic Features

Here is a partial list of SpyStealth features offered with both the Basic and Premium plan:

GPS Location -

SpyStealth’s GPS location feature comes with a GeoFencing function, which allows the user to receive an alert whenever the device leaves a designated area on the map. In other words, if the person being monitored leaves an area where they are supposed to be (home, office, etc.), the app will send you an immediate alert. SpyStealth’s GPS location feature also gives you the ability to view the phone’s location in real time, but that feature is only available with the Premium plan.

Call History -

This feature allows you to view all the details of phone activity on the targeted device, including phone numbers, date and time stamps and call duration.

Email Monitoring -

Allows you to view all incoming and outgoing emails on the targeted device.

Text Message Monitoring -

Lets you see all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages on the targeted device. With SpyStealth, you can also access iMessage content on iOS devices. This feature allows you to view all the details of phone activity on the targeted device, including phone numbers, date and time stamps and call duration.

Contacts List & Bookmark Monitoring -

See all websites visited along with details regarding the duration and frequency of sessions.

Web Activity -

View all contact list and bookmark information. SpyStealth also lets you see all calendar, notes and task info entered and stored on the device.

Photos & Videos -

View all photos and videos sent, received, viewed and stored on the device.

(For a full listing and description of basic and advanced features, visit the SpyStealth website)

arrowSpyStealth Premium's Advanced Features

With the SpyStealth Premium plan, you’ll get all the basic features listed above, along with the following advanced functions:

Social Network Monitoring -

See all messages sent and received on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Instant Messenger Platform Monitoring -

One of SpyStealth’s most attractive features is the number of IM platforms it is capable of accessing and monitoring. These include: LINE, Telegram, Tinder, KakaoTalk, Badoo, Hangouts, KIK, WeChat, Skype, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

Keylogger -

This feature allows you to view all keystrokes entered on the targeted device.

Block Apps -

Allows you to block any apps you don’t want the targeted device to be able to access.

(To view all the basic and advanced features, visit the SpyStealth website)

arrowSpyStealth Pros & Cons


SpyStealth pros include its very competitive pricing - the Basic plan is available for as little as $7.50 per month (based on a 12 month contract) and the Premium plan is only $14.16 per month if you purchase a 12 month contract. Both plans are available on a monthly, 3 month or 6 month basis, but the monthly prices are a bit higher.

Another great thing about SpyStealth, as we mentioned, is the fact that it offers monitoring for so many IM apps, including KakaoTalk.

SpyStealth also offers solid customer support, which is always an important consideration when purchasing a cell phone monitoring software package.


One minor quibble is the badly-written (or badly-translated) text on the English-speaking website, which is a bit of a surprise since the company appears to be based in the United Kingdom. But that’s not a major issue - the website is fairly-well designed and user-friendly, and the text is understandable enough, if somewhat awkward and rife with grammatical mistakes.


SpyStealth appears to be a very good product choice for those who want a lot of features at an attractive price. SpyStealth Premium is particularly interesting. Stay tuned for more details on this newcomer to the spy app market.