SpyZie Review

Spyzie : A Spy App or a strange App

In every field where there is fierce competition, It happens from time to time that brand new product come up on the market. It's hard to for the consumer to know if he can trust or not this new product, but newcomers often have aggressive pricing so the temptation is to give it a try. Here are Spycellphone.mobi, we are always looking to give a new product a try and see if it's worth it.

The last product that came out is called SpyZie

So what is Spyzie?

Spyzie is supposed to be an app that allows the monitoring of smartphone's usage just like competitors such as mSpy or SpySealth do. Their website is pretty nice and clear (of course that's not the case in all languages sadly) and considering the attractive price, we could think at first glance that it will soon dominate the Spy App market considering it seems to offer some many features. However, Trust but Verify is always a good idea, or actually don't trust at all sometimes is the better advice.

Spyzie from A to Z


Their website offers two different pages for the features of the software. One of them has only 10 features and on the other one many many more even including call recording, environmental listening and so on. Which page is correct? Usually such a discrepancy is a very bad sign. So it's impossible to know which features you will enjoy after paying. Therefore, it seems that Spyzie has made a poor effort at being clear as to what you will actually get.


Many web companies believe that a good customer support is not really an important factor, they could not be more wrong, no company can survive without good customer support (for those who remember SpyBubble and many others in this field alone that have come and gone). So we tried to test the support of Spyzie. Sadly, after waiting 10 days for an aswer, at the time I am writing this post, it seems clear that we will never get an answer. Furthermore, we could not locate any information about this company, where it's located and so one, None!


Again Spyzie promises the moon here. If you go to the payment page, you will see that Spyzie promises that all features will be available without jailbreak on IOS and without rooting on Android. The average customer might think it's fantastic but...this is simply not possible, technically impossible so that alone should raise strong concerns about this product. You can't for example monitor Tinder and so on without jailbreak


We went on Twitter and Itunes to see customer reviews. On Itunes, comments (in english only so far) are crystal clear, people even say it's a scam! On Twitter it's a different story but not a reassuring one either, there is only one post, no follower, no comment..nothing.


Stay Away! Even if Spyzie was free, we would tell you not to download, who knows what kind of virus it could actually hide. It seems to be a product quickly put together with no support to back it up. Sometimes if not most of the time, it's best to spend a little more and get a product like mSpy for instance that has stood the test of time and has a real customer support to back it's product