StealthGenie Review Android & Iphone

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Next in my continuing series of spy phone app reviews, we look at the features and capabilities of StealthGenie, which touts itself as the “World's Most Powerful Mobile Phone Spy Software”. StealthGenie in fact does offer some features that no other mobile monitoring software (that I am aware of) seems to at this point.

In general, after installing and testing StealthGenie over a period of months, I have come to the conclusion that the app is among the best available on the market today.It is indeed powerful, easy to use and pretty much glitch-free, in my experience.



StealthGenie has all of the basic features that other mobile spy software packages offer, plus a few nifty extras. The ‘Basic’ monthly plan allows you to monitor call history, read all SMS messages sent or received and  view contacts, bookmarks, appointment and calendar info. StealthGenie Basic also gives you real time GPS monitoring and location history.
For many people, these features may be enough. StealthGenie Basic performs all these functions well, and for those who just want to keep a general eye on their kids’ whereabouts, for instance, perhaps this is all you need from a spy phone app. If you don’t have the time or inclination to use the advanced features, StealthGenie Basic performs all the standard functions for a fairly low monthly price

Advanced Features

However, it’s StealthGenie’s advanced features that make the product somewhat unique among the mobile spy apps on the market today. The innovative stuff comes with the StealthGenie ‘Gold’ package, which costs only a few dollars more per month.

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing

One of the cool features that the company has developed is the ‘Geo Fencing’ function. With Geo Fencing, you can set up ‘safe’ and ‘restricted’ area alerts that let you when the target phone and its user leave an area you have designated safe or enters an area you have deemed unsafe or prohibited.

These zones are easy to designate using the map display on the control panel of your personal account. This feature is particularly useful for parents who are interested in purchasing mobile spyware to track the whereabouts and movements of their kids. With safe zones, you’ll know if your teen has left school early or strayed away from the home during study time. Restricted zones will let you know if the target phone enters an area that’s off-limits to the phone user.

The Geo Fencing function may also be useful to employers or parents wishing to know when the target phone leaves or enters a particular area. If employees leave the office or enter restricted zone, you’ll be able to know about it immediately. You can find out instantly if your kids isn’t where they said they would be or if they are visiting a place or person you have deemed suspicious. This function can be set up to send an instant alert by email, SMS or both.

iconeMessenger, Viber and Skype Monitoring

StealthGenie Gold allows you access to WhatsApp and iMessage chats, Viber calls and messages as well as Skype calls, messages and contacts.

iconeEmail Monitoring

Users can access Gmail and read sent and received emails with StealthGenie Gold. Many spy apps don’t allow access to Gmail accounts - only the phone’s email functions. This is one of the features some may find quite useful.

iconeSurround Recording

With this function you can hear and record the surroundings of the target phone. This feature allows you to use the phone as a bugging device to hear conversations or other  activity within the phone’s immediate surroundings. Many people find this to be a very attractive capability and most of the good spy apps are now offering it with their packages

iconeMultimedia Access

StealthGenie Gold allows you to see photos, videos and even listen to the music files stored on the phone.

iconeInstant Alerts

One of the interesting features of StealthGenie is the ability of the user to designate ‘suspicious’ words and phone numbers. When a certain word or set of words is entered into the target phone, you’ll receive an instant alert. The same goes for phone numbers. You’ll be notified instantly by email and/or SMS. As far as I know, at this point StealthGenie is the only company offering this feature and it’s certainly a useful one in some circumstances.


StealthGenie works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry iOS or OS equipped phones and tablets. Sorry, Symbian and Windows users - at this point, StealthGenie does not support your devices.


StealthGenie is a well-designed, user-friendly spy phone app with a lot of great features that work the way they are advertised to. I’ve had no problems with any of the functions and all of them were easy enough to understand and use. The control panel is straightforward and even non-tech types should be able to maneuver through the controls and settings pretty quickly. The demo page is definitely recommended for new users to get a feel for what StealthGenie does and how to use it.


StealthGenie isn’t the cheapest option around, but for the features it offers in both packages, the pricing seems competitive enough and the company has a good reputation - they’ve been in the game for some time now and they keep advancing the capabilities of their product in innovative and useful ways.


I’ve been testing and using various spy phone software packages for two years now and have learned a lot about them. I’ve found that among the most important things to look for is a good support staff. StealthGenie has one of the best track records, in terms of service, and they offer 24/7 live support.

Though the software doesn’t have some of the features found with other products, such as mSpy, the advanced capabilities it does have are very useful and perfectly suited for certain users. And the basic features are all there - with both packages, you get most (if not nearly all) of the features offered by other companies.


The main drawbacks of this package are the fact that it is not compatible with Symbian or Windows and it’s not the cheapest product on the market. It also does not allow Facebook and Twitter monitoring as its competitor, Mobile Spy does. However, it is reasonably and fairly-priced, especially if you sign up for the longer term plans, and for many it may be the most practical and well-suited choice available, due to its exclusive features such as Geo Fencing.


boxsmsandallOverall, I have no real quibbles with this product and I can highly recommend it to anyone who needs a basic reliable mobile spyware package and anyone who is interested in its rather unique advanced features that come with the upgraded plan. StealthGenie has proven itself in the marketplace and seems that the company plans to be around for the long run, modifying and updating its product as it goes along. Is it the best on the market? I can safely say that, for many users, the answer would be “yes”. 

StealthGenie is one of several apps available that offers solid value, exclusive features, reliable performance, ease of use and first-class support. The right choice for any buyer is one of personal preference and individual requirements, as well as cost. StealthGenie may be the choice for you and I would guess that it’s unlikely that you will be disappointed in its performance. Take the time to read all my cell phone spy software reviews to decide which product best meets your needs and budget.