TheTruthSpy App Review for Android

TheTruthSpy is a phone spy software package designed to work on Android and iOS devices. In keeping with our policy of testing products before reviewing them, we have purchased the Premium version of TheTruthSpy and downloaded it on an Android phone (rooted). What follows below is our unbiased, honest appraisal of the product.

Keep in mind that some of the problems we encountered may not prove to be an issue for you, depending on what device you are using (among other factors). In other words, it is unclear why certain features, such as the GPS location function, did not work on our phone.

TheTruthSpy Overview

STheTruthSpy offers most of the features (or at least it claims to) found with any good phone spy app, and at a reasonable price. Our interest in this product stems from the fact that many of our readers have expressed interest in finding an inexpensive phone monitoring app with the capability of tracking WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform.

TheTruthSpy offers WhatsApp tracking at a price that will make it attractive to many users. In fact, TheTruthSpy is the cheapest option we know of for monitoring WhatsApp chats, so if that is your sole concern, this may be the product for you.

However, after testing the product thoroughly and encountering several flaws and problems with certain features, we can only recommend the product for those who really need a cheap method of tracking WhatsApp.

In light of the many problems with the product, that’s about all we can recommend it for. There are just too many better spy apps available that perform better, such as mSpy and FlexiSpy. These apps cost more, of course, but their level of performance is much higher. As the saying goes: “you get what you pay for.”

If you aren’t interested in reading the whole review, our conclusion is that TheTruthSpy is okay for those who need cheap WhatsApp tracking, but aside from that and the easy installation of the product, there isn’t a whole lot of positive feedback we can give you.

If that hasn’t already deterred you, then, by all means, read the rest of the review…

The Good News

Let’s focus first on the positive aspects of the TheTruthSpy product. One of the things we liked right away about TheTruthSpy was the ease of installation. It took only a minute or so to install the software - it was a much easier process than with some of the other spyware products. That’s a definite plus in favor of TheTruthSpy, especially for the non-tech savvy user.

Unfortunately, several features did not work for us, even with our rooted Android phone. But here are the features that did work (along with screenshots of each):


The dashboard (control panel) is laid out logically and clearly enough. With an easy to understand list of features, new users should have no problem navigating the site and accessing functions (at least the ones that work)..

Sms History

The SMS history function worked fine. With this feature, you can see the SMS inbox and sent messages, and access their contents. The feature also gives you the time and date stamps of the messages.

Call History

Shows the details of all calls made or received on the phone. See the time and date stamps along with phone numbers and contact names. Also displays the duration of all calls.

URL History

Allows you to view the URLs of all websites visited, along with time and date stamps. For iOS devices the software supports Safari browser. For Android devices both Google Chrome and the default browser are supported.

Contact History

This feature gives you access to the contact info listed in the phone book. Includes names, phone numbers and any other information saved in the contact’s phone book entry.

WhatsApp History

This is the feature that makes TheTruthSpy somewhat unique. We know of no other software in this price range that allows WhatsApp tracking. As we mentioned before, this feature is pretty much the only reason we could recommend this product, since we had so many problems with other features. But the WhatsApp tracking feature worked fine for us. With this feature, you can access all WhatsApp chats and read their contents along with contact names, time and date stamps.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, we found several flaws with the TheTruthSpy software - even with a rooted Android phone, some of the features just didn’t seem to work. Among the functions that had problems was the GPS Locator. This is a real problem for TheTruthSpy, because GPS Location is one of the most basic and useful spyware features. And with most other spy app products the feature is easy to use and works fine. With TheTruthSpy, we were unable to get any GPS information at all (see screenshot).

We were also unable to access the Picture History, another standard feature that allows you to view photos and images stored on the device.

Two other functions that didn’t work for us were the Viber and Skype History features.

Once we found out that so many basic features weren’t working, we began to feel that there was no way we could recommend this product, except as a very cheap way to get WhatsApp monitoring.

Other users may not encounter the same issues we did on our Android device using TheTruthSpy, but we get the feeling that this app is cheap for a reason. There are just too many good apps out there, and sometimes it’s worth the extra expense to purchase a product you can really rely on.

Another discouraging aspect of TheTruthSpy product is their somewhat crappy website. There are many spelling and grammar mistakes. The website seems to be suffering from a bad translation, which gives the impression that the product may be shoddy, too, which unfortunately seems to be the case, according to our test results.

Furthermore, we did not receive an answer to our email when we reached out to their support team.


spymasterProAs you may have guessed by now, we have to give this product a thumbs down overall. Aside from a few positives - price, ease of installation, WhatsApp tracking - the cons outweigh the pros.

The fact that several features didn’t work at all leads us to believe that this product needs a lot of improvement. Having a functional GPS Location feature is a must, and without an easy-to-use and functional GPS system it’s difficult to take any spy app software product seriously.

You should also be aware that some features work only on Android devices, others work only on iOS devices. For instance, App Usage History works only with iOS devices, Phone Call Recording only works with Android phones.
Keep in mind that we are only testing these products informally. The results may be different for other users, and we take no legal responsibility for the implications of our test - it was simply our honest personal experience with the product.