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Skype Spy

The Skype Revolution

It’s easy to see why Skype has become so popular - for one thing, it showed up at the right time. Skype was the first service of its kind to appear on the market, and what it offered way back in 2003 (free calls over the internet with the capability of video as well as voice and text communication) was immediately embraced by the public. Skype was a sci-fi prediction come true - ever since the days of Dick Tracy comic strips and the first Star Trek series we’ve dreamed of being able to have the ability to speak face-to-face with friends, family and colleagues in faraway places, and Skype was the first to make this dream come true.

Since then, other services have appeared on the market offering similar capabilities, but Skype remains at the top of the heap, in terms of popularity.

At this point, more than a third of all international calls are made with Skype as the medium, and the company continues to stay ahead of the curve in terms of performance, ease of use and overall popularity. At any given time, up to 50 million people are using Skype simultaneously, a rather staggering statistic that continues to grow each year.

The verb “Skyping” has become an often-heard term in daily conversation and these days, you’re just as likely to say “Skype me” as “call me”. Skype is used by businesses as a fast and easy way to communicate with colleagues during the working day - it has replaced intercom systems in most offices - and is extremely useful for conducting meetings and conferences between branches of companies and/or clients in various locations around the world.


New Features and Uses for Skype

To stay ahead of the competition, Skype has continued to refine existing features as well as adding new ones. The latest development announced by the company will be the syncing of chat messages across devices, an improvement that comes as good news to those who use their Skype accounts on the smartphones as well as their laptops and PCs.

Until now, there has been the common frustration of having your smartphone or computer alert you and download multiple messages which you have already accessed on another device. Until now, when you accessed Skype from a device that had been turned off for a while, you would typically receive a flood of all the messages sent to you - whether you had seen them already or not. With the new syncing features, this annoyance will no longer be an issue.

Meanwhile, users continue to find new and innovative ways to utilize the power of Skype. For instance, one of the latest trends is the use of Skype by doctors to monitor patients. Although Skype can’t replace a visit to the doctor’s office, it can be a valuable tool for monitoring and evaluating a patient’s overall condition and can save time and money for both healthcare professionals and their clients. The use of Skype within the medical profession is quickly gaining acceptance and is likely to become a standard procedure in treating outpatients and those who may have difficulties in visiting a doctor regularly.  

Skype Spy Apps

mspyboxFor those who have a need to monitor Skype communication, such as parents or employers, there are spy apps that allow a user to monitor Skype conversations. mSpy is one of the most popular and effective products available for discreetly viewing Skype activity - it’s inexpensive, easy-to-install and use, and it really works! mSpy is completely undetectable and it gives the user a window into the Skyping habits of a troubled teen or an employee who may be wasting valuable company time or leaking sensitive information.

mSpy can be installed on either iPhones or iPads without the user’s knowledge and gives you the ability to track calls and view the contents of Skype text messages made on the targeted device. With mSpy you’ll be able to keep a close watch on the texting habits of your kids or workers from a secured account which can be accessed from any computer or online device.

If you need to monitor someone’s Skype activity, mSpy is an affordable and highly effective solution.

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