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00smsspy1The Changing World of SMS and Texting

SMS (Short Message Service) has now been widely available since the early 1990s. In the past decade or so, the use of texting has increased exponentially and now is one of the most popular ways to communicate on phones, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The first SMS systems were introduced by phone service providers and until recent years, texting was a service you paid for - much cheaper than an actual voice call, in most cases, but a paid service nonetheless. With the rise of Skype and other services, texting became free, not only for computer users but for smartphone users as well.

SMS has also become an important marketing tool, Text advertising is big business these days and has proven to be an effective way to directly reach potential customers for a variety of products.


Modern Texting Apps and the Decline of SMS

These days, texting and chat apps are available for smartphones at no charge to the user and the age of free unlimited texting is now a reality. Not only can you now send text messages on these new apps for free, but also photos, videos and other types of multimedia content as well. Apps such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp and others have made texting easier, more flexible and more fun.

As a result of these new services, standard SMS texting usage is beginning to drop. Why use a paid service with only standard text capabilities when you can download free apps which offer improved graphics, extra features and other capabilities such as group chat and the ability to send multimedia files? MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) never quite caught on in the way cell phone service providers had hoped, and now the new free phone messaging apps have made the same capabilities available at no cost to the user, which has made standard phone texting services even less relevant.

Texting: An International Obsession

Sms SpyThese days texting has become more than just a convenient way to communicate - for many people (especially teens) texting has becoming a pastime bordering on obsession. If you encounter any group of teens nowadays, it’s likely that at least one or two of them will be absorbed in texting a message to someone.

But it’s not just teens - many adults seem more interested in their smartphones than in the world around them. Texting while driving has become as dangerous and widespread as drunk driving, causing thousands of car accidents each year. Have we gone too far with our addiction to text messaging? Some certainly believe so. Many parents are becoming understandably concerned about the amount of time their children spend chatting with their friends online. Kids who should be doing their homework are often hiding in their bedrooms chatting away and parents are at a loss in knowing how to address the problem.

In the workplace as well, excessive texting has become an issue. Some employees are wasting valuable company time chatting with their friends and are forcing employers to look for ways to monitor their workers chatting activity. SMS and texting services are useful tools, but, as with any other technology, their potential can be abused. Many parents and employers are turning to SMS spy apps in an effort to monitor and regulate the use of texting among their children or employees.

mspyboxSMS Monitoring Software

SMS spy apps such as mSpy offer the capability to view the contents of SMS messages and reveal information about who the user of a targeted phone is communicating with. With mSpy, a parent or employer will have a clear picture of what is being texted or shared and who it is being shared with. MSpy can be installed in minutes and the user of the targeted phone has no way of knowing they are being monitored. If there is excessive texting occurring or the wrong kind of information being shared, the mSpy user will be able to find out about it and take appropriate actions.

mSpy is cheap, easy to install and easy to use. With your mSpy secured account, you’ll be able to log on at any time and from any computer to check up on your employees or your children. All texting information on the target phone will be recorded and stored on your account dashboard, where it can be easily accessed and viewed by you. If you need to monitor someone’s texting habits, mSpy is the best and most affordable way to do it.

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