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Spy Tech for All

00spytechforallThose of us who are old enough to remember the Cold War were typically quite intrigued by the seemingly glamorous world of international espionage and the technology used by “secret agents”. We were thrilled by the exploits of the suave, martini-swilling James Bond, and his arsenal of high-tech spy tools, and television shows such as Get Smart, which poked fun at the spies and their bizarre gadgetry.

Few of us ever believed that we “civilians” would eventually have access to tools of espionage far more sophisticated than the Get Smart character’s (Maxwell Smart) “shoe phone” or any of the early James Bond’s array of spy techno-gadgets.

However, these days there are phone spy apps on the market that make the tools of the Cold War spies look like toys in comparison.

And they’re available to anyone willing to spend the money to buy them - and at surprisingly low prices, we might add.

Who Uses Spy Phone Apps?

You might wonder why any normal person with a conscience would want to purchase mobile spy software, which allows the user to monitor everything that occurs on a targeted phone or tablet, but in fact, there are several potential applications, and they are often purchased by concerned parents and employers.

Parents parentskidsParents use mobile monitoring software for several reasons - with a spy phone app installed on a child’s smartphone or tablet, the parent can see how much time their child spends online, who they are talking to and what they are sharing with others. With a good mobile spy app, a parent can even get a fix in real time of their child’s physical location using the GPS function of the targeted phone. For many parents, this is the most effective way to monitor a child’s activities and whereabouts.

Employers businesssEmployers are also users of spy phone software. Many companies install these apps onto the phones and tablets issued to employees so that they can monitor productivity and to make sure their workers are not sharing company secrets with competitors. In a business climate where profit margins are narrow and competition is fierce, more and more employers feel that monitoring their employees is absolutely necessary to protect their interests.

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