Is your teen risking his (or her) life?

In the Summer of 2017, We started to notice reliability issues with SpyStealth . We currently recommend that you choose mSpy or Flexispy instead.

Find it Out with the help of SpyStealth!

Being a teenager is sometimes a risky occupation. Teens have a tendency to consider themselves as being invincible and are often tempted to engage in dangerous behavior, while not being fully aware of the potential consequences. There are dozens of ways to get into serious trouble and, unfortunately, too many young people fall victim to circumstances which could have been avoided if the parents had been able to monitor the situation.


The pressures and pitfalls facing today's teenagers are numerous. Kids these days are exposed to drugs, alcohol, violent behavior and sexual activity at an early age. The world they are growing up in is in many ways quite different from the one their parents knew. For one thing, the technology they use to communicate with each other is much more sophisticated, and, in some ways, has created its own set of potential threats to our kids.

Cyberbullying, sexting, flash mobs – these are all terms that didn't even exist a couple of decades ago, but are now part of our children's everyday reality. The threats kids face online range from silly (but sometimes dangerous) dares, such as the “cinnamon challenge”, to far more serious ones, such as exposure to sexual predators posing as other children.
With SpyStealth. you'll be able to monitor all of your child's online activity remotely.

Call and Text Monitoring

SpyStealth enables you to track and monitor all call info, text messages and emails. Find out who your teen is interacting with and what is being discussed. See dates, time of calls and phone numbers; view chat conversation contents; read all emails (including Gmail) – SpyStealth gives you access to all communication occurring on the targeted phone.

Web Activity Monitoring

Find out what websites your child visits, see how often they are accessed and for how long. Get a listing of the URLs of all sites visited and view their contents. Monitor which videos are being watched, stored and shared, view all photos and other multimedia content. SpyStealth gives you all these capabilities and more.

GPS Location Monitoring

GPS location monitoring is a very important feature – it's the best way to keep track of your teen's physical whereabouts and it can help for locating the phone if it is stolen or lost. With the SpyStealth GPS locator, you'll be able to view the phone's position on a map – in real time – and you'll be able to view the history and routes taken by the phone and its user. This feature could literally save a life, in certain circumstances.

Sometimes trust is not enough – many teenagers need guidance and a close watch on their activities. SpyStealth is a powerful, yet flexible, tool for monitoring a teen's behavior. One needn't to check on every aspect of their daily lives, but having the capability to do so when necessary can be of great help to parents.

SpyStealth is the perfect tool for the job. In these times, can any responsible parent afford not to pay attention to their child's online activities?