SpyStealth: Facebook Messenger Monitoring

In the Summer of 2017, We started to notice reliability issues with SpyStealth . We currently recommend that you choose mSpy or Flexispy instead.

In the decade since Facebook first went online, the enormously popular social network created by Mark Zuckerberg has evolved and grown to its current active user base of more than 1.3 billion people.

Many have predicted the eventual demise of the social network giant. However, although it is true that Facebook has been slipping somewhat in popularity - particularly among younger people - its current market capitalization of $212 billion suggests that the network is still in good shape and won’t be going anywhere soon.

facebookIt seems that virtually everyone has a Facebook account these days, and the messenger platform is one of its most popular features.

If you have a child or employee whose phone or tablet you wish to monitor, chances are they use Facebook on a regular basis and you will probably want a spyware program that can track it.

SpyStealth not only allows you to monitor Facebook accounts and its messenger feature, it also lets you view any stickers or emoticons sent or received on the targeted device (unlike most of the other spyware packages on the market).

With the SpyStealth Facebook Messenger Monitoring feature, you’ll be able to:

● Monitor all Facebook activity, including messages, group chats and time and date stamp info

● View the profile pics of all the people chatted with by the user of the targeted device

● View all stickers and emoticons sent and received on the targeted device through Facebook

● View all photos sent or received through Facebook, including audio messages

Why Do I Need This Feature?

If you have a child or teenager, there’s a very high probability that he or she uses Facebook to chat with friends. Being able to monitor Facebook activity will provide you with a window into your child’s daily life. If your kid is hanging out with bad influences, getting involved with drugs or alcohol, or ‘sexting’ with others, it’s likely that their Facebook activities will reveal the truth. With all the temptations and peer pressure, not to mention the dangers of online predators lurking about, you owe it to yourself and your child to keep an eye on what they are saying and sharing on Facebook, and with whom.

If you are an employer or business owner, you have a right to know how your workers spend their time on the job. Unsupervised employees have a tendency to waste company time chatting on social networks and Facebook is one of the most popular apps around. With SpyStealth Facebook monitoring, you’ll have a powerful tool to help you keep productivity high while making sure your employees aren’t sharing sensitive company data with the competition or other unauthorized persons.

How Does it Work?

Facebook monitoring is automatically enabled when you activate your SpyStealth account. All the Facebook data will be stored on your private account where you can view it anytime you wish.

Simply log into your account, click on the ‘Messages’ tab and then the ‘IMs’ tab. Select Facebook from the ‘IMs’ menu and then you’ll be able to view all the Facebook activity on the targeted device.