Is SpyStealth Free ?

In the Summer of 2017, We started to notice reliability issues with SpyStealth . We currently recommend that you choose mSpy or Flexispy instead.

We are all accustomed to getting free stuff on the internet: free music, free films, free games and free downloads. Therefore, it is logical to wonder about free spy phone software.

Free SpyStealth - is that possible?

happy girlsThe short and honest answer is, no, SpyStealth is not free. There are many sites advertising “free SpyStealth”, but as we will explain, these are merely empty promises made by Internet scammers, and in some cases are attempts to lure you onto sites where malicious software and viruses will be installed onto your computer, so beware!

You may see dozens of sites offering to download SpyStealth for free

With a popular app such as SpyStealth, it is common to run across sites which seem to offer free downloads of the product. In general terms, these are traps designed to lure you to various sites which:

1) ostensibly offer the app for free, but which in reality will charge you for it. They may offer a certain feature at no cost, while still charging you full price for the entire app.

2) are merely attempting to generate traffic or sell you another product entirely, such as an online game.

3) are hoping to trick you into downloading viruses, malware or other undesirable programs onto your computer.

Even if a site does allow you to download the app at no cost, it may also contain viruses, or malware or simply not work properly. At the very least, you won't have the support and updates offered by purchasing a legitimate version of SpyStealth. Why gamble when the real thing is so affordable to begin with?

SpyStealth: effective and inexpensive software.

SpyStealth is not free but if you compare all the features it offers with its price, you'll find that it is the cheapest and most reliable spy software available.

Imagine that from only 8$ per month, you can:

1) have access to your own online SpyStealth private account
2) locate someone in real time on a map with the GPS feature
3) record calls, view all sent and received SMS messages, spy on pictures and other multimedia content, spy on the contacts directory, trigger the targeted smartphone's camera etc ...

SpyStealth is definitely worth paying for because it provides you with an 100% effective spy software package, ultra-secure payment and download, first-class customer service and support - and all at a very affordable price!