SpyStealth: Spy on Hangouts Content

In the Summer of 2017, We started to notice reliability issues with SpyStealth . We currently recommend that you choose mSpy or Flexispy instead.

Hangouts is the latest incarnation of Google’s messaging platform. It’s actually an instant messenger and video chat platform that has replaced Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and the old Hangouts, which was part of Google+.

Google has announced that Hangouts will be “the future” of Google Voice, a telephone service that allows users to make free voice calls to others who use Hangouts. Many consider Hangouts to be the best messaging app available for Android phones. Among its features is the capability for videoconferencing with as many as ten participants at a time. Hangouts users can also share photos and color emoji symbols while messaging.

hangoutAnyone with a Google account (such as a Gmail account) can access Hangouts. The Hangouts feature is found on the menu on the right hand side of the Google+ page. There users can view a list of recent hangouts and the names of recently emailed contacts. Users can access existing Hangouts, start new ones or search for people and Google+ circles.

Users have the option of choosing text or video Hangouts and text Hangouts can be switched to video chat at any time.

Hangouts is a clever and versatile platform which will no doubt appeal to those who like sharing photos and YouTube videos while chatting. It is likely to also be very popular with those who like group video chatting, because it’s very easy to use and functions quite well.

Google apparently wanted to streamline and consolidate its messaging platforms, and, although Hangouts has been criticized by some for several reasons (among them security and a decrease in support for the open standard protocol XMPP), Hangouts appears to be a successful product with a bright future.

SpyStealth offers you the ability to spy on Hangouts content, including all conversations, videos, photos and profile details shared during sessions. SpyStealth Hangouts monitoring is available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Why Do I Need This Feature?

Teens and young people are interested in new chat platforms that offer more than social media networks such as Facebook. Although Facebook remains enormously popular, many younger internet, smartphone and tablet users are abandoning Facebook in favor of the more versatile chat apps that have emerged in the past few years.

If you would like to make sure your child is not engaging in questionable internet activity, simply having one or two chat or IM monitoring features is not enough. With SpyStealth, you’ll be able to monitor not only Facebook, Skype and Hangouts, you’ll also have access to the contents of ten other popular platforms.

How Does it Work?

Hangouts monitoring is automatically activated when you install SpyStealth on the targeted device. If the user of the phone has installed Hangouts and is signed in, SpyStealth will collect and store all the contents on your private secured account. Once you have logged in, click on the “Messages” tab, and then on the “IMs” tab. Then you can select Hangouts from the dropdown menu. There you’ll be able to access all the Hangout content from the targeted device.