Monitoring Gtalk Content

What is Gtalk?

Gtalk (or Gchat) is the popular way of referring to Google Talk, an instant messaging service provided by Google. Google Talk is designed to work on Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, Android and Chrome operating systems. It is a popular app among those who use smartphones and tablets for chatting with others. One of the advantages of using Google Talk is the fact that the platform is compatible with other XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) apps.

This means users of Google Talk are able to chat with people who use other XMPP open protocol platforms, such as Pidgin, Psi, Tiscali, Earthlink and Gizmo Project.

Google is gradually phasing out Google Talk in favor of the new Google+ Hangouts, but for the moment, Google Talk is still functional.

Spying on Gtalk

With a spy phone app such as StealthGenie, it is possible to monitor Gtalk on smartphones and tablets which have the cell phone monitoring app installed on them. With StealthGenie, the messages sent and received on Gtalk can be intercepted and viewed without the phone user’s knowledge.

This capability is useful for parents and employers who wish to monitor a targeted phone. Parents can use a spy phone app to make sure their kids are not chatting with the wrong people or spending too much time chatting with friends when they should be studying.

Employers can make sure their workers are being productive and not using their corporate phones for personal purposes. Employers and managers can also monitor Gtalk to ensure that company data is not being stolen or shared with unauthorized persons.

The person monitoring the targeted phone is able to check into their StealthGenie account and view the contents of the texts, as well as the IM names of anyone the target phone’s user has been chatting with. They will also be able to view the time and date of Gtalk messages sent or received on the targeted device.